Tips for Short Curly Hairstyles

Rachel Wood Finger Wave Hairstyle for Short Hair

The short curly hair stylesare popular in recent years. For those looking for a change in style for your short curls or those who want to put curl in their straight locks, look no further-we have the looks to choose from here along with tips on how to achieve them at home.

January Jones Short Hair: The Romantic Curly hair styles
January Jones Short Hair: The Romantic Curls

January Jones is stunning in romantic curls or luxurious waves fit for a Hollywood Starlet of the 1940s. For a fun, flirty- romantic look you might want to go with the curls. This would be good for an evening out or a wedding or other festive occasion. For a more elegant, sultry or refined look finger waves are a good choice. Something to be considered when deciding on which look to go with is your choice in clothing and the general “feeling” you are trying to achieve with your overall look. Make up also makes a big difference in the appearance you are looking for. Such as the Smokey eye and Dramatic lip in the above photo of January Jones wearing Waves.

January Jones Short Curly Bob Hairstyle Finger Waves
January Jones Short Curly Bob Hairstyle: Finger Waves Haircut

To achieve these looks at home, begin with freshly washed hair-towel dry to remove most of moisture and apply holding product such as gel or mousse, work through hair to ends. Make a side part, usually your natural part is a good place to put the part. Dry hair completely. Next, for the curly style- use a medium barrel curling iron taking a ½”- 1” section and apply a “spring curl” or “ringlet” all over head. Apply hairspray lightly and allow drying. Fluff curls with fingers and/or comb curls out carefully in order to retain the shape of the curl. Once desired look is achieved, apply Hairspray to hold.

Rachel Wood Finger Wave Hairstyle for Short Hair
Celebrity Short Hair Styles: Rachel Wood Finger Wave Hairstyle

The Finger wave is a bit more of a challenge, however with some practice you will become well versed in the art. Just follow the procedure below for a great vintage look!

1. Begin with damp hair, not dripping – comb through the hair with a wide toothed comb and apply a good gel, again combing through to ends to distribute product evenly.

2. Part hair on side; place your index finger about an inch below and parallel to part-the tip of your finger should be right at your forehead. Using a fine-tooth comb, place the ends of the “teeth” next to your finger. Drag the comb against your finger, pulling all the hair below it toward your forehead creating a “ridge”. Flatten the comb against the section of hair without lifting it from your hair and place your index finger and middle finger around the ridge you just created, and apply pressure to hold shape in place as you proceed to step

3. Comb the hair below your finger sharply back in the opposite direction so it creates a sort of backward “C” shape. At this point, you should see a “ridge” in the direction of your forehead and a backward “C” in the other direction both of which form an “S” pattern. This is your first full finger wave! If you do not see the shapes as described above, you probably did not apply enough pressure.

4. You will now position your fingers about two inches below the wave you just made-you are now ready to form your second wave, beginning with applying pressure with your index finger as in step 2. Repeat steps two and three for the rest of the current section until the desired look is achieved. You should then proceed to the next section, which is behind the one you just finished. You are now ready to apply any other finger waves you desire in order to finish your style.

5. Let your hair dry naturally or under a hood dryer to lock in those soft 40s waves. Comb them out carefully for a soft profusion of waves, or just spray them with hairspray to create a more defined look.

These are just two of the great looks for curly hair, to get the curly or waved look on very short hair simply apply gel, comb hair back- staying very close to scalp, and put your curls or waves in your bang area on one side of your head as in the picture above.

*PS, some of you may don’t love these styles from January Jones, how about the following short curly hair style from Rihanna? And you can find a lot pictures of Rihanna’s hairstyles on our site.

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