60 Amazing Bob Hairstyles that Look Great on Everyone!

bob haircut

Get ready to roll out the red carpet, folks – the Bob is making its grand entrance. As diverse as the human race itself, yet universally flattering, the Bob hairstyle is the quintessential cut that, without a shadow of a doubt, looks utterly phenomenal on everyone.

cute bob hair style

Imagine a chameleon, seamlessly adapting to its surroundings. Now, envision the Bob: it is the chameleon of hairstyles. Be it a sharp, sleek blunt bob or a tousled, textured wavy bob, this haircut has an uncanny ability to adapt to any face shape, hair texture, or personal style. It’s a timeless marvel, a celebration of individuality, a nod to versatility.

bob hairstyles before and after
short modern bob haircut / before and after

Throughout the pages of history and the chapters of fashion chronicles, the Bob has consistently proven its worth. From the iconic Louise Brooks in the roaring 20s, to the trailblazing Twiggy in the swinging 60s, to the modern-day divas like Charlize Theron and Dua Lipa – the Bob has been there, done that, and stolen the show every single time.

cute bob hair style

So, buckle up, dear reader, as we embark on a thrilling sartorial adventure. We’re about to delve into the vibrant world of 30 Bob hairstyles, each with its own unique allure, each a testament to the enduring charm of this universal haircut. Get ready to discover a Bob that’s not just a cut, but a statement, a style, a you.

short bob hairstyles
short bob hairstyles
blunt bob

Today’s up-to-the-minute gallery also includes chunky balayage in white, silver, plum-red and soft orange for brunettes, plus the new beige-blonde shades.  So whether your hair is thick or fine, you’ll find a fantastic new bob hair style here to liven up your short hair!

Subtle Brown Highlights

This might just be one of our favourite bobs of the whole bunch, and can you blame us? This lady has the most gorgeous curved bob, with a deep and dark glossy shade of brown on the top, and subtle caramel highlights running through the underneath and around the front of the face. She’s waved the ends of the hair for this phenomenal bounc style.

Every day blonde bob hairstyle with cute brown balayage

Short bobs are a good choice for a trendy, easy-care daily style that keeps its shape all day.  This pretty hair color idea shows darker roots beneath the blonde all-over color, with a streak of white-blonde in the bangs.  And for an extra dash of style, the nape hair is brown, making the profile angle appear sharper!

Chocolate-brown short bob with fine blonde highlights

Fine orange-blonde highlights add lots of texture and movement to break up large areas of smooth hair around the head.  The layers of this bob are accentuated by the play of light on the warm-blonde highlights and the overall color is subtly lifted to a trendy, new golden-brown!

Edgy shaved undercut hides under A-line bob!

This is such a clever idea for a bob that can be conventional for work and unconventional for leisure activities.  The back is clipped short above the nape with a three-point contour, so you can wear an edgy up-do.  And fine, vertical mid-blonde highlighting adds plenty of movement and texture in a softly curved bob!

Chunky balayage bob hairstyle with bangs in white, silver & copper

For the trendsetter, this chunky multi-color balayage is an exciting new idea!  The model’s hair is very thick giving plenty of volume at the back, but the sides are kept sleek to suit a round or heart shape face.  Silver and white streaks in the bangs really complement a pair of sparkling eyes!

Beautiful blonde bouffant bob with highlighted sliced layers

This bob for thick hair is cut in sliced layers, which avoids the added thickness at the tips that other layering techniques cause.  And in this blonde bob, you can see exactly how the layers are tapered to a fine-point, because they’re highlighted in a paler shade.  It makes a lovely pattern on this elegant, bouffant bob!

Side view of contemporary black bouffant bob with plum highlights

The sweeping lines of this fantastic bob are diagonal, pointing away from the face to focus on the bouffant back.  The voluminous crown is achieved with stacked-layers above the nape on thick hair.  And the ultra-modern look is completed with deep, plum-red balayage, from root to tip in bands of varying width.

 High-volume every day bob with fine golden highlights – cute short bob haircut

This classic chin-length bob suits many different face-shapes and ages, because it avoids high-fashion extremes of cut and color.  It’s also a style that can be adapted to medium and fine hair, as the fullest part of the curve is set just above the line tapering in at the neck.  Forward styling with cute pin-curls on either side of the chin completes the attractive look.

Trendy tousled waves on mid-blonde bob for fine hair

This super-chic wispy, wavy bob is the perfect cut for adding shape and ‘body’ to fine hair.  The silhouette is blurred with tousled strands adding volume on top and creating a curve at the back.  Dark brown roots contrasted with honey-blonde waves create a 3-D effect making fine hair appear thicker!

3-D metallic-blonde balayage on shaggy bob

With a perfect complexion and pretty face, this model’s choppy/shaggy bob emphasizes her lovely profile.  But it’s not just a style for beautiful young women.  This choppy look has 3-D copper-blonde balayage and random broken waves in a trendy ‘grunge’ design that suits long or thin faces!  And it’s definitely an easy-to-style hairdo!  LOL!

Sleek bob with modern edge – back to school hair ideas for short hair

This beautifully curved vintage bob dispenses with the usual steeply graduated line down to the front, and substitutes sharply textured tips with forward movement.  The warm brown all-over color softens the sharp texture and strong lines, in a very fashionable style that flatters round, long, oval and heart faces.

Modern short-blonde bob with bend-waves & shaggy tips

Here’s another contemporary bob that rejects the idea of hairstyles for women being pretty and perfectly groomed to please men!  The contrasting textures create an edgy look with flowing flat waves becoming awkward, spiky sections with ragged tips.  With a center parting, this style suits oval faces and with an adjusted parting – long and angular faces.

Muted copper-blonde highlights on black hair

This new hair color idea of orange highlights on brunette hair is popping up in lots of different hair-fashion images, making it a definite new trend for this year.  And you can see it’s a really attractive color combination for dark coffee-brown/black hair, adding warmth, texture and movement in a completely fresh way.

Quirky one-length bob with bold blonde balayage – chic short straight bob cut

This boho bob continues the trend for one-length bob-cuts – with quirky details – that’s really hot right now!  It’s a versatile bob, as you can wear it sleek or wavy and it’s also long enough for up-styles.  Face-flattering bold streaks of short-blonde balayage accentuate the random waves and make a soft frame around the face.

Elegant layered A-line bob hairstyle make-over

Here’s a makeover that shows the huge difference between a shapeless long haircut and a stylish A-line bob.  The bob makes this model look a lot classier than the ‘before’ hairstyle, doesn’t it!  Smooth curves and gently highlighted long, side-swept bangs can work wonders for your beauty look!

Stylish minimalist bob with full bangs in neutral-blonde

This simple, blunt-cut bob gains lots of extra texture from dual-blonde highlights over a dark-blonde base, making it a good choice for short and fine hair.  Neutral blonde shades are very contemporary and perfect for adding a temporary pastel shade at the weekends!  With bangs – this is a great look for heart, round, long and oval faces.

High-fashion white blonde with long disconnected layer

White-blonde with a touch of gold in it creates an eye-catching look on this short, high volume bob.  It’s an asymmetric haircut and as you can see, the side-swept bangs continue in an unusually long, disconnected layer 3” below the chin!

Silver & copper highlights brighten brunette hair with waves

Coffee-brown hair can be updated to a fabulous 3-D effect with fine, silver/white and copper balayage in the lower sections.  This medium bob is suitable for a long or narrow face, as the barrel-waves add the side-volume needed to balance angular faces.

Casual-chic tousled blonde bob with wispy layers

What a lively look this is!  And a very contemporary one, thanks to the pale beige-blonde dual highlights.  Dark roots at the nape draw attention to the shaggy line and create cute texture and movement in the tousled short bob.  Love how the line drops down to feathery tips on disconnected layers around the chin!

Elegant swooping curves on blonde bob

This layered haircut is styled to display the model’s good bone-structure, with a long curve at the side flowing forwards from dark roots on the side parting.  The tapered line just touching the collar-bone at the front draws attention to the model’s well-shaped jawline and chin.  So make sure your stylist creates a tailor-made cut for you.

Smart-casual blonde bob with layered texture

Here’s how to wear thick, straight hair in a modern look, that’s face-flattering and easy to style.  Sliced layering avoids the thick, chunky tips that spoil the look of thick hair and spiky tips can be persuaded into a sleek curve with convex layering at the ends.  Off-the-face styling creates lovely texture, too!

Cute curvy blonde bob with pin-curls

This cute dual-blonde bob has a vintage look to it from the pretty pin-curls and curved texture at the back.  Well-judged layers can bring out the natural wave and movement in your hair, too, creating a much easier to style hairdo.

Outdoors-y chin-length bob with tousled tips

This highly fashionable bob is a simple cut that frames the face with flattering blonde-highlights.  It’s a jaunty, ‘outdoors’ haircut styled to look lightly windswept, so you don’t need to worry about the weather spoiling your hair! Suitable for fine hair as the twists add volume and the off-centre parting flatters oval – round/heart faces!

Back view of stacked-back bob

Here’s a back-view showing how thick hair can be layered in a stacked section at the nape to boost the density above.  The top and sides are cut with long layers and lightly textured tips to achieve these appealing curves on straight hair.  At chin-length, this is a fashionable cut that’s easy to style and suits most face shapes!

bob haircut
bob haircut
Blunt bob cut
⚡Blunt bob by @hair.helga

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