Tips For Taking Care Of Dyed Red Hair

Red Hairstyles

Hair colouring is a pulsating fashion in recent times. Women in particular are fond of styling their locks in order to look fashionable.  Colours are always available. From black to pink, name the colour you will find them. There are a few who like to dye hair in red colour, which is in fact very hard to manage. You can come across many problems like fading colour and dry hair. But don’t worry! Here are some tips that can help you manage and care for your coloured hair.

Red Hairstyles
Red Hairstyles
  • Avoid over exposure to sunlight. In case you have some important work and have to go outdoors, protect your hair by covering with a scarf or a hat. You can use a protection cream for your hair which is water based. This can reduce the chances of fading.
  • If you are an active swimmer and cannot stay away from water, it is advisable to protect your newly dyed hair by wearing head cap. This protects your hair from getting damaged by chlorinated water.
  • Once you colour your hair, ensure that you iron it within 48 hours so as to seal the colour. This trick helps to retain the colour longer.
  • Go for a natural drying process. Prefer drying naturally rather than getting it dried by machines, as machine dried hair is more susceptible to lose colour and fades.
  • Select colour protection shampoos which are available in several brands in the market. They help in cleansing dirt and grime from the hair while keeping the colour intact.
  • After you colour the hair, the chemicals in the dye might strip the natural oils making it dry, brittle and grass-like. Don’t hate your hair! Rather condition it with good moisture infused conditioner.
  • Do not dye your hair often as every hair strand is delicate and chemicals in dye may make it prone to splitting, breaking or tangles. Colouring once a month is acceptable.
  • Since red dye is prone to fade the fastest, wash your hair as seldom as possible.
  • Use shampoos that are manufactured specifically to protect your hair colour. Some may not like the after-effects of such task-specific shampoos, consult a hair stylist and find a solution to it.
  • Avoid hot water for washing your hair. Hot water is not good for red hair dye. Chances are you might end up with carrot top’s head unless you like that kind.
  • Make sure you take all the necessary precautions and steps to have healthy hair. Red dye on dry or damaged hair will look like fine copper wires.
  • Avoid dyeing all over again but instead top up the colours as infrequently as possible.

These above tips will help you have the red hair that shimmers in the sun. Do not over do any of the above tips. It may result in serious hair problems. Choose the right hair dye and take good care of it for long lasting results and perfectly healthy red hair.

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