3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Hairstyle After a Salon Visit

There’s nothing like the “fresh-out-of-the-salon” look. It’s bouncy, defined, and, best of all, you feel like a movie star. But sooner or later, your hair vacation ends, and the responsibilities of maintenance and styling come back to you. Follow these three painless ways to freshen up your hairstyle after you leave the salon.

Cover Hair at Night

If you don’t cover your hair at night, try it. Not only does covering your hair help preserve your style, but it can also prevent breakage and split ends. If your new style is curly or wavy, try curling your hair with rollers you don’t mind sleeping in. That way, you can preserve most of your curl pattern and tease them out in the morning.

Use Shine Spray

Your stylist might use a shine spray on your hair to finish your style, making it silky and smooth. To get salon-like shine, spray some Scruples Pearlscriptives Hypershine Repair Spray all over your hair to finish your style, making sure not to use too much that would make your hair greasy. In moderation, shine spray can be used daily without accumulating buildup.

Keep Scalp and Hair Moisturized

Moisturize your hair daily to promote healthy hair. Styles last longer and look smoother when your hair is strong and healthy. Products like Pearscriptives Soothing Polish Conditioning Serum and Pearscriptives ER Emergency Repair Conditioner for Damaged Hair help bring back the health into your locks and leave them looking smooth, shiny and happy.

Follow these tips, and you’ll preserve your fresh-from-the-salon look for weeks after your appointment.

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