Trendy Summer Hairstyles for 2013

2015 Short Hairstyles for Summer

Are you looking for a new hairstyle in the coming year? When summer rolls around, there will be certain considerations that you will want to take. You will need hairstyles that are modern and trendy, but you will also want to consider a style that will be easy to maintain and comfortable even during the hot months. This is why it is such a good thing that summer hairstyles of 2013 are all about easy to maintain and comfortable looks. If you are looking for a new style for the coming summer, then you will want to consider these trends that are quite popular.

If You Want Something Short

2013 Short Hairstyles for Summer
Short Hairstyles for Summer

Many people like short hairstyles in the summer because they provide cool comfort even if it’s really hot outside. There are quite a few trendy short summer hairstyles for 2013 that you can consider. When you choose a modern short style, just which one you will choose will depend on your boldness and your want for a totally new look.

Emma Watson Pixie Haircut
Emma Watson Pixie Haircut

One short summer style would be the contemporary pixie cut. This is an extremely short, sculpted style that celebrities like Emma Watson have made trendy. Of course, with a style this short, you will need plenty of self-confidence. Another of the summer hairstyles of 2013 would be the chin length blunt cut. Many people like the modern look of a choppy style, and for the summer consider this shorter length. The ends should be razored to create an ultra choppy feel that is easy to maintain in the summer months.

If You Want Something Long

Jennifer Aniston Loose Wavy Hairstyle
Jennifer Aniston Loose Wavy Hairstyle

Many people think long hair can be hard to pull off in the summer, but that is simply not true. In fact, many of the popular summer hairstyles of 2013 include a much longer look. The best way to create a no-fuss hairstyle that will give you a fun summer look would be to go with long, loose waves. Allowing hair to air dry or using a texturizer spray will create a beachy look like you may see on such a celeb as Jennifer Aniston.

Kim Kardashian  Long Black Hairstyle for Summer
Kim Kardashian Long Black Hairstyle for Summer

If you like the no-fuss style but you want a little more refinement, you can still achieve the long loose waves. However, to make them look more refined, use a flat iron and curl just the lengths of hair from chin down. When you run your hands through the waves, they will loosen. Many celebs sport this style even on the red carpet and you can look the way of such stars as Kim Kardashian to get ideas for the look.
When it comes to a summer hairstyle of 2013, everything is about easy to maintain looks that will be summery, fun and modern. Whether you want your hair to be long or short, you will find that you have options that are quite popular and trendy. For short hairstyles, consider the pixie cut or the choppy bob. For long hairstyles, consider loose waves that are either beachy or refined. You can find summer hairstyles for 2013 that you are sure to love.

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