Vanessa Hudgens Elegant Casual Updo Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens Casual Updo Hairstyles

Homecoming Updo Hairstyle Ideas: Elegant Loose Curly Updo
The layered razor cut favored by Vanessa Hudgens for the People’s Choice awards brought out the dazzling richness of her dark tresses.

The long tresses pulled back, lessens the severe look when the layered razor cut design is adopted. Adding highlights help to create the playful streaks that can also give the impression of the natural breezy blown hair rather than a style that is blown dry. This is also a rather popular way to create the thinning look for full-uncontrolled masses of hair thus allowing a wispy effect to compliment a quick, easy and simple style. The overall effect would be healthy volume hair without weighing it down.

This is really a great updo hair style for homecoming.

Vanessa Hudgens Homecoming Updo Hairstyles
Vanessa Hudgens Homecoming Updo Hairstyles /Getty Images
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