Very Short Boyish Pixie Haircut for Women – Natalie Maines Hairstyles

Natalie Maines Very Short Haircut Pixie

Very short boyish haircut for women: the pixie cut. The ultra-feminine Natalie Maines has the bravado to pull off this extremely short boy cut.

Razed to no more than a couple of inches all the way around, Natalie has a barely defined side part that divides her hair on the right and left. The right is combed down on the sides. The middle and left are feathered back from the forehead to create a funky but soft, spikey look. She has a minimum of makeup, with black-lined eyes and a subtle, pink gloss on her lips. Our hats are off to you Natalie for this amazing womanly take on a classic boy cut haircut.

This casual short straight haircut is easy to maintain with regular trims every 4-6 weeks and needs only a little product to style.

Do you love this simple easy low maintenance hairstyle? And this chic short pixie cut is great for Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.

2013 Boyish Short Haircut for Women
2013 Boyish Short Haircut for Women /Getty Images
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