Violante Placido Short Hairstyle: Cute Bob Haircut with Bangs

Cute short straight bob hairstyle with side swept bangs for women: Violante Placido… what an interesting name!  Violante conjures up words like violent, volatile, or vigilante while Placido evokes the entirely opposite idea of placidity, or peaceful serenity.  So which is it?  We will let the hair decide….

Her hair is styled in a funky, chunky bone straight uneven razor cut with a right side part.   There is a bit of the rebel vigilante in the cool, choppy haircut but we see the opposing quality too in the slippery straight surface of her hair which reflects the light like the surface of a placid lake.    Hmmm, Violante Placido, we can’t decide but either way, we likeee…

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