5 Best Ways To Boost Hair Volume

We all constantly strive to get the hair volume that we know our locks are capable of. But, getting there isn’t always so easy. No one can inject the volume into our hair quite like our stylists can – even after copious amounts of teasing, hot rolling, and gobs of volumizing hair product. For some reason, no matter how hard we try, those methods always fall flat.

The solutions to this cannot and should not be solved by a BumpIt, but perhaps by some outside-of-the-box methods that may “pump up the jam a little more”:

1. Add Oil

I can already sense that you’re radiating question marks at this point! Adding oil to get rid of oils that weigh your hair down seems like fighting fire with fire – we get it! But adding a light oil to your scalp like Jojoba, TeaTree or Coconut oil actually helps dissolve the heavier oils on your scalp, deep cleans, and results in healthy, lifted roots!

2. Blow-Dry Up & Away

This is a tried and true method that should stand in and out of your stylist’s chair. Blow-drying your hair up and away from the natural direction of your strands can create serious lift. For a good base for sexy volume, use your hair dryer’s air concentrator attachment to roughen up your strands. This helps your hair cuticles maintain the lifting effect. For mega volume, blast your roots with low heat.

3. Stimulate the Scalp

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The key to more volume equals more hair. The more hair you have, the more thickness it’s going to add. If you’re lacking in that department, try a scalp stimulant to give those follicles a boost. This will help cleanse the scalp and rid it of unwanted impurities – which will promote hair growth.

4. Condition THEN Shampoo

Switching up your shower routine for more volume? Who would’ve thought?! Surprisingly, conditioning your hair before you shampoo will keep your hair from looking limp and flat. While conditioner moisturizes and nourishes your hair, it is also notorious for weighing it down. Putting it first in line in your routine will allow the shampoo to wash away the excess residue – resulting in cleaner, bouncier hair! Try pairing your new routine with Aquage SeaExtend Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner for maximum results!

5. Match Hair Texture To Product

Making sure you are pairing your hair texture with the proper product is key for desired volume. For thin hair, you don’t want to weigh your hair down with a heavy product. A lighter volumizing spray (we love Sebastian Volupt Spray) that will coat your strands and give them a boost is all you need. If you have thick hair, a volumizing cream formula, such as Sebastian Taming Elixir, will keep fly-aways at bay without effecting fullness. Somewhere in the middle? Try a volumizing mousse, such as Big Sexy Hair Root Pump. It will add some bulk without the added weight.

So – throw that BumpIt in the trashcan, because with these methods in mind, you’ll be on your way to naturally luscious locks in no time!

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