12 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles 2024


Wedding season is in the air, isn’t it? It seems like every time you log on Facebook or check your Instagram, someone is getting engaged or their wedding is coming up. Picking a dress for a wedding can be hard enough, because who picks maroon as a color and why is it a black-tie when some guy is definitely going to wear jeans? One thing that you shouldn’t be stressing about is your hair and that’s why Hairstyles Weekly is here to help. No matter if you’re a guest, the bride, a bridesmaids or even just crashing a wedding, these wedding hairstyles will help the big day be less of a mess!

1. Boho Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

12 Best Wedding Hairstyles For All Types Of Weddings

Talk about a gorgeous and extremely boho hairstyle to wear at a wedding. The braids are what really make the braid seem boho and simple waves or curls are always a classic choice. You can add a flower crown or your veil if you happen to be the bride.

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