Popular Daily Hairstyles 2014 - Angelina Jolie hairstyle
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Angelina Jolie’s Daily Hairstyle: Long Casual with Top Layer Pinned Back

Daily hairstyle for women from Angelina Jolie: Long wavy hair style

Caught here in an ‘off-duty’ moment, Angelina’s fabulous thick hair is casually styled in a trendy modern look.

Her style has a casual off-center parting with the forehead left uncovered.  The top and sides are lightly brushed back and fastened with a clip at the back.  Showing this is a relaxed look, a couple of loosely waved tresses are pulled down to soften the line around the face.

The back is left to flow loosely in slightly waved sections which add volume and movement to her amazing hair.  And running through her dark hair harmonizing threads of medium golden blonde lift the color and accentuate the lovely natural movement! This is a great long hair style for long thick hair. If you don’t like this style, why not check the gallery of long wavy hairstyles here or long curly hairstyles here on hairstyles weekly?

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One thought on “Braided Hairstyle Inspirations: The Double Waterfall Braid Updo”

  1. SteveO says:

    I have decided I want a braided hairstyle sort of like this one…
    But I don’t like how the back is that messy. I need something that looks a little messy so it wont completely ruin the look of it on the beach. Here is my dress…

    My daughter wants her hair to look like mine so I need something I can do to both.
    Ideas please!
    I really really like the first one Treysmom posted.
    The Amanda Byne is really pretty but unfortunately my hair gets frizzy fly aways so I have to keep it up and I think the braid is teh best way.

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