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Bowl-cut inspired hairstyle with bangs

The bowl-cut has come a long way from its oldie boarding school days and is back, reinvented of course. It’s a classic hairstyle with a sassy twist to make it one of the most edgy hairstyle ever. You’re bound to grab attention wherever you go.

It’s longer than a pixie and shorter than a bob, more of an in-betweener really, giving you the best of both. The added length at the top and sides keep the look versatile and full bangs give volume with movement. With a great crop like this, styling your hair is a piece of cake. A key styling tip is to have just a bit of texture at the top and back to keep it from looking “momish”.

Blonde highlights give it that oomph factor that says,“I am fun and glamorous”.

You don’t need a truck-load of products to get the look, just a bit of pomade and you’re good to go.So what are you waiting for!

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Diane Sawyer

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  1. vanvark83 says:

    On a Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast, I heard Christopher Hitchins make, what sounded like to me, a brief reference to Diane Sawyer having had sex with Henry Kissinger. I hadn’t heard this before and can’t find any reference to it elsewhere. What’s the scoop? Diane Sawyer isn’t answering my letters 😉

    A sub-questions. What is the best catagory to submit this question to? Politics and Government > Civics Participation. That seems like the best match to me…

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