Classic Bun Updos

Find the most popular bun updos here. This is a gallery of the latest bun updos including side bun, high bun, low bun etc. Check it out on

The bun updo is not only for the hot days, but also for any formal and casual occasions. Classic and chic or fun and effortless, hair bun styles are a favorite among celebrities and hair stylists around the world. From the early Chinese ladies to Queen Victoria and now the Hollywood celebrities, everyone seems to adore the glamorous updos, the formal hair buns or the messy bun styles.

Here are some great classic bun updo hair styles for you to choose from, hope you love it.

* Here are more galleries of bun updos:
1. Loose Bun (Coming soon) – You can find it in hairstyles gallery.
2. Twisted Bun
3. Braided Bun Part One – Braided Bun Updos Part TWO

4 .Classic Bun:

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  • Patrick

    From any celeb, friend, or anything! PLEASE SHARE, I’m looking for a great updo. :)
    Ohh! Pictures would be great too!
    (To show the stylist so it’s PERFECT.)

    THANKS! :)

  • Austin

    im going to an school orientation monday and im gonna be wearing my own hair and not a weave. so what are some cute updos for me ?

  • Rassling Fundamentals

    I have medium thick hair that goes a little past my bra strap when straight. I’m not the most creative or crafty person, so I want to learn how to do a fast and simple up-do for my cousins wedding. I bought a sparkly up-do pin which I would like to incorporate.

  • Matt

    I wanna do my hair up in an updo but I’m not sure of a nice one. Help?

  • Harry

    I’m a teen looking for some new hair ideas.what are some nice updo’s for long,straight,thin hair? i need instructions on how to dothem too. Like from the classic bun, to anything else you can think of.

  • airdogspace2

    and how do you do them? im sorta getting tired of the regular hairdown/ponytail/bun