Casual Feminine French Braid for Long Hair
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Casual Feminine French Braid for Long Hair

The braided hair styles are really popular in this year, as you can see a lot people wear hair style with braids, including a lot celebrities, here is a classic french braid for you to choose from.

This casual but feminine look is guaranteed to keep your locks in place. With hair dry,comb back away from face and apply a small amount of product for control. Start your braid at the top/crown area feeding hair in from the sides finishing just below the ear. Leave the nape area free and secure braid with a band.

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3 thoughts on “Braid Hair Tutorials: 12 Ways to Braid Your Hair”

  1. Milk84 says:

    I always just like flip my bangs over… But I want to do something else and really cute? Any ideas ?

  2. Mistry says:

    so, im 15 years old and in the 9th grade, and i really want to cut my hair short, i recently had it cut into an a symetrical bob, but my hair grows back really fast and now its almost past my shoulders. I really want in in this style…heres a couple of links to the style im thinking about…

    the only problem im having is, im black and shes white, and we have extremely different hair, i dont know how i would keep up with it, all kelly osbourne has to do, is like wash it and let it dry on its own, or slick it back or something, and i dont know it i would be able to do that, but i am really wanting this style, i am in love with it, i just dont know it i have the right kind of hair for it, im sorry if this is coming off as me hating my hair, i truly adore my hair, thanks for taking the time to read thisss, and thanks for your answers.

  3. Moore, Ron says:

    This is how long my hair is:

    (ignore the cheesy pose)
    pictures would help too! thanks 🙂

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