Side View of Cute Choppy Bob Hairstyle for Medium to Short Hair
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Chic Choppy Bob Hairstyle with Layers

This choppy bob plays a visual trick, with a slightly stacked back and disconnected longer layers framing the face at the front. The front looks like a regular A-line bob, but it has a clever fringe trick, too. From a slightly diagonal parting, there are shorter layers cut to make a deep, but not very wide, fringe.

This has been combed-in with the longer lengths of hair that follow the curve of the face, finishing with uneven textured tips about 2 inches below the chin. The end result is a totally fresh and choppy bob that’s easy to style and gives a nice relaxed look to medium-short hair. Cuts like this are great for anyone with thick, straight hair or medium hair.

Paired with the trendy light blonde shades that are so popular for 2015-2016, the darker roots show through the sliced layers adding lots more depth and volume. It’s a bob haircut, but definitely much more than the same-old, same-old! BTW, do you love ombre hair? If you do, check out these fabulous ombre hair here.

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12 thoughts on “Medium Curly Hairstyles”

  1. LINDA says:

    What is the best L’Oreal mousse for big volume without using a blow dryer.Just air dry.

  2. Picean says:

    my hair is a little longer than my shoulders and its curly..any cute ideas?

  3. brincks26 says:

    Ive Got Curly Hair Used To Always Straighten It need Hairstyles No Straightening Please ,., Step By Step Instructions Thanks .. =]

  4. Melanie says:

    Okay, well I have medium length hair (it’s down to my shoulders), and tomorrow I want to curl it, but I need ideas! I haven’t really curled my hair before…So I NEED pics of medium length curly hairstyles

  5. Ed D says:

    please i need new hairstyle for when i go back to schoool

  6. Kobe says:

    I have medium length, a little past my shoulders, I was wondering what hairstyles would look good for a promlike occasion.
    My hair is never pulled up so I thought that would be a good start, but how much can you do with medium hair?
    Any examples, pictures included would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Roar me R says:

    Hello, I have naturally straight brown hair which goes down to just under my chest – when i curl my hair they become tight curls, i like it all curled and down but i want a curled hairstyle without having it all down.. can anyone help? maybe with pictures or tips how to do this?

    thankyou x

  8. Samuro says:

    Not hairstyles as in having to cut it but things to do with it when I go out. I would like some fun not so casual looking and easy. thanks 🙂

  9. Erin says:

    What can I do with curly hair?? I’m SO tired of the same old hairstyle I really want something new! The only thing I can think of to do is cut it shorter but that makes it frizz up. Follow the link so you can see my hair and give me some ideas please:)

    It doesn’t really look that curly but it usually is a little more curly than that.
    umm wow i have no idea how that pic got there sorry guys
    It was actually a link from a question I previously answered :p

  10. Zanto says:

    hey im 12 yrs. old and i have curly hair… im sick of just wearing my hair down every day……..does anyone have any ideas on hairstyles?

  11. Elijah luv says:

    Ok, so i don’t like my forehead or my face. It’s chubby. So what hairstyle goes well with a chubby face? My hairstyle now is braids and i need a hairstyle for when i take my hair down. My hair is short, so any ideas?

  12. Disrae says:

    Ok so i looked up questions about the same topic but it wasnt very helpful. Im in 8th grade and i have loose curly curls if that makes sense … I am Bi-Racial ( hispanic & black ). I dont like side ponytails , Loose Bun , and dont mention shraightening your hair im looking for CURLY hairstyles! .. i have side bangs and my hair has like 2 long layers ? It looks somthing like this …

    But my hair is longer ! SO… any curlyhair’ Hairstyles Ideas Im tired of having it out all plain !!!! Please & Thank yuhh :L :DDDDD !!!
    Thanks Candance I have try scrunching it (alot of time) but what style do i put it if i do it ?

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