Cute Long Braided Hairstyle
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Cute Long Fishtail Braid Hairstyle from Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson’s added a creative twist to her hairstyle by opting for a long fishtail braid. The hair is parted off center with the bangs sweeping to either side of the face. Excluding the bangs, the lengths of the hair are smoothed back and to the side.

Parting the hair into four sections the hair is braided into what is better known as a fishtail braid and tied at the ends with a small black elastic hair band. The bangs are given a gentle curl with a curling iron and left to frame the face. This simple braid is easy to achieve and a clever way to hide the ears.

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3 thoughts on “Futuristic Boho Chic – Gorgeous Grey & Purple!”

  1. Michael K says:

    i’ve just got my hair cut and I am feeling like an idiot as I am unsure about it. I know it will grow eventually. I guess, the biggest reason is that I feel like its a bit too short and men are naturally drawn to long hair. Thing is, I felt like a little girl with long locks as I have quite a baby face. The cut is similar to these:

    though i’m a brunette unlike these.

    Thanks for the answers so far folks, im 25..

  2. Samuro says:

    i really want an asymmetrical bob. like longer one side than the other. can somebody tell me if you think it’s suit me, with the fringe (bangs) and my glasses.
    also can somebody post some pics of some nice bobs, which i could use for inspiration. thanks!!

  3. morbiusdog says:

    No I’m not emo I’m just a regular joe..uhh but my hair is so close to this length and soon I want to get it fixed like that!! Anyone know? 😀 ty
    dont even bother sending me an answer if you dont know..I’ll give u a thumbs down for being a dumba$$. Dont call it ugly becuase it doesnt matter what u think..i asked for the name of it..not ur opinions..thanks (im being rude becuase some retard put ‘ugly.’ for and answer) i guess i have to be obvious and say all that.

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