Isla Fisher Hairstyles - Sexy Fire Red Locks for Winter
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Fire Red Locks for Winter – Isla Fisher Hairstyles

Hot moms hairstyles! Though pictured here in London, England attending the world premiere of the acclaimed musical “Les Misérables,” Isla Fisher looks decidedly content.

What has merited the Mona Lisa smile and dreamy look in her warm brown eyes? Perhaps the auburn tones of her downy locks which remind of an autumn leaf? Is it the slightly off-center, casually done part which softens her long straight cut? Or even the bend at the ends of her hair which looks all the world like it is trying to give her a snuggling embrace? We, too, would give her a big cuddle…if we were her hair! This fire red hairstyle is perfect for cold days! If you are looking for a new bright colored hair for your long hair, you should never miss this one.

This casual long straight hair style is great for Oval, Oblong, Square, and Diamond face shapes.

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Twist Braid

6 thoughts on “Twist Braid”

  1. encyclopath says:

    I perm my hair but i want to grow it out. I’m thinking about kinky twist is that a good idea. What’s best?

  2. altair says:

    Can anybody give me ideas on individual braids/ twist that won’t break my hair off.I have long thick African American hair.

    Andd No I’m not going to the Africans to get them done (No offense)

    Will only be in my hair 4-6 wks

  3. dealy says:

    I’ve been wanting to get braids for a week now,but I’m not sure my hair will hold the braids.

    I’m biracial so my hair is curly, not corse or anything just bouncy curls and also my hair is pretty smooth. It’s damaged some but I’ve cut off using my straightener and I use Wen Hair Care to Co wash and shea butter/coconut to mosturize.

    Doing my curls every day is getting to be annoying and I want something that will help my hair to grow/become healthier.

    I’m just afraid that my hair is so smooth that the braids or twists will slip out!

    Also if you have any advice on which to get and basic information that would be great!

  4. musicistabest says:

    i’m trying something different this year for school. I’m 16 and i’ve had micros for over a year so my hair could grow. but now i really want to try twist braids and i was wondering how could i style them, what kind of hair to use, and what to do with them at night. 10 points best answer! thanks 🙂
    its kinky twists with weave. my real hair grows like a wild fire!

  5. Victoria T says:

    I have decided to not get anymore relaxers, but I do not want to do the “big chop” to go natural. I want to get braids. However, when I got braids last year, it broke my hair off. I had Kinky Twists, and my stylists told me that Kinky Twist hair is rougher than most, synthetic, and that may be why my hair broke off. Also, I kept my Kinky Twist in for about 3-3 1/2 months without properly moisturizing and conditioning it. I have not had a relaxer in about 2 months, so I want to get Senegalese Twists or Box Braids. What type of hair is used for these braids and would it be safe to use in my hair?

    Thank you!
    Also, what type of hair should I get? Half synthetic and half human or just human?

  6. Jason says:

    can anyone tell me the difference between the those two ways of dreading hair and which way is more preferable.

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