Alexandra Burke Long Ombre Hair for Black Women
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Long Straight Dark to Blond Ombre Hair – Alexandra Burke Hairstyles

Trendy dark to blond ombre hair for African American women. Alexandra Burke, a pop singer who got her first big break from the British television program The X Factor, is staying true to her roots… the roots of her hair.

Alexandra’s hair is dyed blond, but the swatch of ebony hair left to remain at the roots reminds us that Alexandra is really a natural brunette.  Alexandra keeps it simple, with a right side part and long straight tresses with no mention of a curl, crimp, or wave.  Alexandra has soft dark brows, brown eyes with alluringly long lashes, and full lips colored a becoming maroon tone with glossy lipstick.

There’s no haircut style more carefree than bleach-blond tresses with dark roots. Do you love this trendy new hair from Alexandra Burke? Here are more stylish African American hairstyles for women.


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    Would you say I’m stealing Bradley Cooper’s identity?

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