Popular Bob Hairstyles for 2013

The bob haircut is never out of fashion, and there are so many styles for you to choose from, you can find a lot cool stylish bob hairstyles on the internet, here I have collected some latest popular bob hair styles for you, if you are going for a new short haircut, why not try the classic bob cut?

In 2013, the versatile inbetween length is more popular than ever! Juxtapose the beauty of the bob with the latest trends styling and create the perfect hairstyle that brings out your best features. Check out the bob haircuts for 2013 and pick your new look!

Bob hairstyles with bangs are making a comeback and they are definitely a perfect option to consider when planning a change of appearance without too much fuss.

Another popular way to dress up your midi is by adding layers that softens features and create a more youthful and romantic look.

Here are some pictures of bob hairstyles, hope you love these cuts.

Cute short blonde bob haircut
Cute  Bob Hairstyles for 2013

Trendy stylish sleek bob haircut with blunt bangs

 Bob Hairstyles for 2013
Celebrity bob hairstyle with pink highlights
 Bob Hairstyles for 2013

2012 -2013 salon bob hair style with red highlights

Bob Hairstyles for women 2013

Layered invert bob hair style for women, this is a good hair for thick hair

2013 Bob Hairstyles for women

2012 -2013 bob hairstyle for women

2013 short haircut

Trendy short red bob haircut with blunt bangs

short hairstyles 2013

Shoulder length bob hairstyle – medium bob haircut for women
short bob haircuts 2013

A new trendy curly wavy bob hairstyle for women

2013 short hairstyles for women

A cute stylish bob hair style with layers, I love her bangs very much

hairstyles 2013

Celebrity short blonde bob haircut – side parted straight hair style for 2013

2013 bob hairstyles for women

Have you find your favorite bob hairstyles? If not, check this bob hairstyles gallery.

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  • Coffee t

    I want a new haircut,im bored of the one ive got now. I dont mind waiting for my hair to grow. My hair is to my shoulders,and these are the styles im considering: a chin lengh bob,chest lengh,rib lengh and waist lengh. Witch one should i get?

  • Ryan Dunn

    Hey, i really want a new hairstyle but i cannot for the life of me think of what i should get! Im leaning more toward a shorter cut, and i already have a short/ medium cut…I have a few ideas but im not sure what would suit me or go best with my face…help!!??
    This is me (camera kind of blocks my face though…): http://i-freak12.deviantart.com/art/A-Me-ID-133057526

    this is one or two i was considering…: http://hairstyleschat.com/wedge-haircut-the-most-popular-haircut-of-summer-2009.html



    The picture of me is a terrible one, for this purpose especially, but any suggestion would be so very appreciated! Thanx! =D

  • nothin_nyce1

    I decided earlier this year to grow my curly/wavy hair out to donate to Locks of Love. I have friends and family who have gone through, and are going through still, cancer treatment, including just recently a little girl. I work and live on a farm in humid weather, it’s always been best for me to keep my hair short around my chin or midway between chin and shoulder… I’ve gotten it to about three inches past my shoulder and I’m hating it. It is so much maintenance. I tried getting it layered a little, didn’t get a very good job and ended up just getting the split ends cut off but an uneven cut overall. I’ve struggled to not cut it back to my chin for the past few months, I want to cut it in December. But, it will barely be 12 inches all around if cut from a pony tail. If I put my hair in short pony tails in sections, and shave it, it will be long enough, or perhaps making pig tails, clipping those off, and sticking with a short style of a layered, curly bob (like this: http://lunar.thegamez.net/hairstyles/short-curly-hair/short-curly-hair-popular-short-medium-long-women-s-curly-hair-540×600.jpg).

    …. Or something I just thought of, would be I could brush my hair to one side, and have one side in a pony tail and clipped short, donate a shorter length of the other side if they’ll accept it, so it looks more like this: http://www.fashionium.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Short-curly-mohawk-hairstyles-for-women.jpg

    So, I’m interested, is a real social taboo to have a shaved head on a girl? I don’t want to draw attention, but I am interested in doing something new for myself and seeing how my hair would grow back in, also that it would give the most hair to donate. I really can’t stand having it below shoulder length right now, it doesn’t suit my active lifestyle. I try pulling it into a bun or head band… It won’t fit under my horseback riding helmet and always has an ugly amount of frizz poking out.