21 Hottest Stacked Bob Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try in 2024

short stacked bob hair styles

Stacked bob hairstyles are trend-setting, popular hairstyles from the 1960’s – so perfect for wearing with contemporary ‘vintage’ fashions! And the new bob hairstyles have exciting blends of hair color ideas, making extremely popular hairstyles for spring and summer! Don’t miss these cute A-line bob hairstyles and edgy inverted bobs with stunning hair color ideas, like plum with copper highlights, ash-brown with turquoise and the new neutral-blonde shades.  Read on and be amazed by the latest popular hairstyles!

Inverted bob hairstyles with dark stacked back & sides beneath dual-blonde top

Dual dark and blonde hair color ideas are now being applied in new patterns on inverted bob hairstyles. Lots of the latest stacked bob hairstyles now have a medium- or dark-brown tint above the nape, which continues around to the sides.  I prefer this all-round color idea as it creates a better ‘flow’ connecting the back to the front. This funky short haircut also has the new ash-brown color, creatively mingled with blonde, copper and brunette shades.  This style works best on thick or medium hair and suits oval, round and heart faces perfectly!

Chic inverted bob hairstyles’ idea blonde with pinky-brown stacked-back and lowlights

If your pixie-cut is growing longer and you’re ready for a change, I can recommend this cute inverted bob hairstyles’ idea complete with a totally new hair color idea!  There’s a lovely blend of geometrical lines and soft curves here, with a straight, clean line at the nape accentuated with a fab pinky-brown shade.  The longer layers above gleam with a pretty pale-golden-blonde and the side-sections, framing the face, have a pastel pink ombré as the finishing touch!  Chic and youthful chin-length bob hairstyles suit most face shapes, making it a very popular hairstyles choice for women of all ages in spring/summer!

Crazy hot-pink stacked bob hairstyles with copper highlights

Here’s a crazy, fruity hair color idea – raspberry-pink with dark-orange balayage! Yummy! It’s another of the increasingly popular hairstyles featuring fab, fantasy hair color ideas.  For tanned and darker (warm) skin-tones, stronger shades make a good alternative to pastel-purple/pink shades.  The most flattering hair color ideas for you include deep-pink, deep copper, dark true-red and plum, as pastels will make you look ‘washed out’.  This chin-length stacked bob hairstyle suits most face-shapes and is tipped to be one of the award-winning popular hairstyles for spring/summer!

Girly loose waves on blonde bob hairstyles with dual highlights

One of the most popular hairstyle twists on inverted bobs is adding waves, which differentiates the bobs from the straight, geometric, short haircuts with a smooth finish.  This is a great A-line bob hairstyles’ idea for fine hair, as the ringlety waves and lightening process combine to add lots of added volume to otherwise limp locks!  It’s a cute short hairstyles’ option that projects a cheerful personality all of its own. Tousled and easy to style with slightly darker roots and ash-brown balayage it’s a totally up-to-date look for naturally curly or permed hair.  Curls around the face suit oval, angular, square, long and thin face-shapes.

Classy extreme inverted bob hairstyles in soft honey-blonde

A precise cut with feathered tips on stacked bob hairstyles is all that’s required to create this fabulous medium-short haircut.  Every edge is softened by clever texturizing for a modern, yet romantic look.  There is a slight contrast between the pale-honey above and the warm honey shade on the lower layers, but both shades create a harmonious effect that’s softly flattering and very classy.  As a chin-length bob hairstyle, this lovely short haircut can be tailored to suit most face-shapes and looks great on women of any age!

Fabulous ash-brown with aqua highlights and curvy styling

This splendid A-line bob hairstyles‘ design is full of innovative features making it a stunning choice for a party, prom, wedding, anniversary or any special event!  The sides are blunt-cut at the same length and the back is expertly trimmed into a soft A-line bouffant curve.  The two unusual shades harmonize perfectly in an avant-garde hair color idea – creating fabulous profiles.  And the styling is the opposite of most forward-styled A-line bobs, with all the movement directed towards the cute surface waves decorating the back!

Soft & romantic A-line bob hairstyles with triple-blonde highlighting

The styling of softly-angled A-line bob hairstyles has changed for the new season, too.  There’s a vintage D.A. (‘duck’s bottom’ to the uninitiated) shape at the back of this romantic medium hairstyle.  The rich honey color is highlighted with vertical blonde highlights, applied in a variety of widths.  The lightest blonde highlighting at the front is great for softening angular features by reflecting flattering light onto the face and diminishing unflattering shadows.  Suitable for medium and thick hair types, this style suits round, oval and heart faces.

Sophisticated platinum-blonde inverted bob hairstyles for spring/summer

Here’s a trendy mix of A-line bob and inverted bob hairstyles, with a lovely all-over platinum blonde color.  Darker roots are still edgy and trendy, but all-over platinum-blonde is more sophisticated for anyone over 25.  This style works best on thick or medium hair types, but as the hair color idea calls for quite a high volume bleaching agent, which makes hair-strands thicker, you could probably achieve similar, A-line bob hairstyles on fine hair.  All the curves on A-line bob hairstyles are rounded, and not as sharp as geometric inverted bob hairstyles, for a more romantic effect on hairstyles suitable for round, oval and heart faces.

Short haircuts & popular hairstyles with dual-blonde hair color ideas

Warm-up a blonde inverted bob with pretty coppery-brown color accents.  This softly angled A-line bob hairstyle is suitable for thick, medium and even fine hair types. as fine hair thickens up significantly after being lightened gaining natural volume.  On thick hair, sliced layers remove the bulk from hair tips, and with light-brown roots and balayage underneath the ‘pointed’ layers, you can achieve lots of 3D color dimension and interesting texture!

Seductive scarlet-brown color on extreme A-line bob hairstyles

Ruby-red shades, like deep-pink/plum tints, look gorgeous against tan and darker skin-tones with warm undertones.  So to create stunning short haircuts on thick/medium hair types, consider adding a strong red shade over a brunette base.  For more contemporary twists to popular hairstyles based on inverted bobs why not add some ‘flat’ surface waves and a couple of casual, face-framing twists at the front to add volume and texture!  Suitable for oval, square and heart faces.

Hot blonde & black bob hair color ideas

Show off your daring style with a black and blonde contrast on layered bob hairstyles.  Light colors seem closer and dark shades appear farther away, so the extreme hair color contrast on this inverted bob creates interesting texture and color depth.  The clean line across the nape sits snugly above collar-length and the tousled movement of the blonde layers creates a constantly-changing mix of black and blonde tones!

High-fashion A-line bob plus neutral blonde & ash-brown hair color ideas

Short haircuts: Here’s a longer, softer and rounder version of the stacked bob hairstyles in fashion right now.  It’s a true A-line hairstyle with softer lines and a carefully harmonized blend of neutral blonde and light-brown shades. The basic shape is created with sliced layers that remove the thickness at the ends of coarse hair by cutting cleverly textured tips that drape into a natural curve. This style can be tailored to suit oval, round and heart faces and as it relies on lots of natural volume, is best achieved on thick hair.

Glamorous blonde bouffant A-line bob with plum-pink vertical highlights

And here’s a very glamorous extreme inverted bob hairstyles’ idea that’s perfect for parties, proms, nightclubbing and even as a sophisticated bridal hairstyle!  You need thick hair to create extreme angled bob hairstyles and this version has blunt-cut ends creating a fabulously strong, smooth outline that contrasts with the pale-blonde and pink hair color idea.  There’s just enough plum-pink in the sides to draw attention to a beautifully-crafted hair design, that’s both sophisticated and glamorous!

Light ash-brown & coffee ombré on bob hairstyles for thick hair and round/heart faces

And here’s another new hair color idea to make your spring and summer bob hairstyles totally fresh and individual – light ash-brown over coffee ombré.  This model has curvy round cheeks, so full, straight-across bangs are perfect for breaking-up the symmetry of her circular face.  She also has enviably thick hair, which allows the layers in stacked back hairstyles to start fashionably high up on the head, for an edgy, extreme look that’s great for round, oval and heart faces!

Cute short Stacked Bob Hairstyle with bangs for girls
Credit /pinterest

Trendy coffee, cream & honey highlights on bouffant bob hairstyles for fine hair

If your hair isn’t coarse or thick, you can still have cute inverted bob hairstyles.  Medium or fine hair can be blunt-cut at the ends, not tapered, to retain the natural thickness.  And short haircuts on fine hair make it easier to create the volume needed for A-line bob hairstyles, too. Another way to achieve the best texture for these popular hairstyles is to add blonde highlights, which thicken individual hair-shafts creating more natural volume.  This beautiful coffee, cream and honey hair color idea has dual-blonde vertical highlights of differing widths around the head to maximise depth, dimension and texture!

Extreme short hairstyles blonde & copper asymmetric bob with buzzed back

The shorter the back on stacked bob hairstyles, the edgier the look!  This high fashion asymmetrical bob accentuates the curve above the nape with an exciting buzzed texture.  Complementing the extreme inverted bob, is the daring hair color idea of bright copper with pale neutral blonde.  Contrasting hair colors, applied in vertical lines of differing widths, are a fabulous way to get noticed for your individual style! Hair draped over the jaw helps to minimise a strong jawline and an off-centre parting is also flattering on a square face. And a deep side-parting makes asymmetrical bob hairstyles on straight hair perfect for round faces!

Cute short highlighted Stacked Bob Hairstyle
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Black & blonde hair color ideas on popular hairstyles

A-line bob hairstyles differ from inverted bob haircuts by having gentler curves and a rounder, softer shape, but they make equally good backgrounds for new hair color ideas.  From the front this lovely layered A-line bob is a cute mix of light and dark blonde shades, with bangs to match.  However, the sides have a quirky, curvy ‘border’ of black leading around to the stunning contrast in the 50/50 black and blonde emphasizing the sleek stacked bob.  Hairstyles on fine or medium hair types need a little teasing/back-combing at the crown and a spritz of hair-spray to keep the shape all day/evening.

Choppy bob hairstyles with extreme asymmetry and honey-blonde hair color ideas

Fab choppy layers on this extreme inverted bob create tons of amazing texture in this expertly stacked bob.  Hairstyles with several inches of difference between the short and long layers make stunning long/short haircuts for thick hair and are super-easy haircuts to manage, too!  The choppy layers and strong, straight lines of this amazing bob are cleverly softened with a lovely honey-toned, medium-blonde hair color that always look chic and flatters a wide range of skin-tones!  Love it!

Sexy ash-brown & blonde hair color ideas for long A-line bob hairstyles

Here’s a sexy look that makes long, straight, blonde hair look positively old-fashioned!  Soft golden-blonde/warm brown hair color ideas on extreme, A-line bob hairstyles are very flattering to skin-tones with warm undertones.  The relaxed, romantic waves around the face also create fabulous, face-framing movement and adorable profiles. The wave-line descends steeply from the back, accentuating the steep angle down to shoulder-length at the front and the tousled finish looks alluringly casual.  A great style to add volume to fine hair and good for thick/medium-textured hair types with natural wave or permed.

Elegant profile view of steep inverted bob hairstyles on brunette hair

The bouffant ‘bump’ at the back of this very stylish, inverted bob drops sharply down to finish about an inch or so below the chin.  The impossible cutting-line, almost on a level with the eye-line, makes this a true avant-garde look that can be achieved on thick hair.  Along with the symmetrical center-parting, this is a great example of simple elegance that needs no extra embellishment!  This easy hairstyle is definitely one of the most popular hairstyles for spring/summer. Hairstyles with flat sides that finish just past chin level and the parting placed asymmetrically on one side, create a trendy, edgy look for round and heart faces, too!

Sophisticated bouffant blonde A-line bob hairstyles

Simplicity and sophistication make this bouffant A-line bob a ‘must-have’ for anyone wanting to project a sleek, chic image.  Long layers with blunt-cut tips add volume to fine or medium hair and short hairstyles make it easier to create round, bouffant shapes.  The most popular hairstyles currently share the clean, straight line at the back, leaving the nape enticingly bare.  But apart from that, this short haircut is all about projecting an ‘organised urban woman’ image, with no wispy tips or romantic ringlets spoiling the pleasing and efficient shape!

Which is the best bob hairstyles makeover for you?  Pick a few photos and discuss your choice of soft, A-line bob or sharp, inverted bob hairstyles with your stylist, so it’s carefully tailored to flatter your face-shape and skin-tone.  But I also recommend trying something new and different from your usual look.  Explore your whole personality and let your hairstyles reflect all that you are or want to be! Get more hair inspirations on hairstylesweekly.com!

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