Retro 70’s Hairstyles that are Back in Trend

It is true that hair styles just keep coming back. Today, the style of the 70’s captures the limelight because of the celebrities and fashion icons who incorporate the look in highly publicized events.

Retro 70's Hairstyles
Retro 70’s Hairstyles

The 70’s has a very distinct way of styling hair and even the accessories are unique too. If you want to have a jaw-dropping get-up for a party or you simply want to spice up your look for the day, opting for the 70’s hair style would be the perfect solution. It will give you the perfect fusion of vintage glam and fashion-forward style.

One of the easiest ways to achieve the 70’s look is to wear a band which goes across the middle part of the forehead and around the back of your head. This looks amazing especially for women who have long hair. All you need to do is to create a partition on the middle part of your crown hair and then sweep your hair to the sides. Let your tresses cover your ears. Then slip on the band and you already have an iconic 70’s look. You can also apply some hair mousse or styling lotion to keep your hair flat.

Who would forget the feathered look? This is another signature hair style for the 70’s which would also look amazing today. Styling your hair this way requires adding plenty of volume and body to your tresses. Think of how Farrah Fawcett styles her hair. The waves are playfully styled to curl outwards. There is no need to stiffen the strands because the look is all about letting the hair move freely. Teasing the hair on the crown area is essential in achieving this look in order to get a fuller volume.

When it comes to the 70’s look, the Afro or fro can not be forgotten. This means embracing the frizziness of the hair and giving it a lot of volume. Both men and women show off the natural curls of their hair. They even enhance the poofiness by doing a lot of hair teasing and blow drying. This results to a big, almost rounded hair which really makes a bold fashion statement.

Braids are also a big thing when it comes to achieving the look of the 70’s. Women have a very distinct way of doing their braids. A partition is created from the crown area down to the nape area. Then, with the use of a fine tooth comb, the hair is segmented to two segments. Create a low braid on one side and then another on the other side. Keep in mind that the hair on the crown area has to be flat and smoothened. To finish off the look, apply some hair wax or gel on the crown area to control the frizzy and unruly strands.

These styles may be popular during the 70’s but that does not mean that these would not be fitting for today’s modern world. Do not be scared to go for a 70’s look to achieve an astounding look which works for both formal and casual events.

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12 Responses to “Retro 70’s Hairstyles that are Back in Trend”
  1. ella says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. nathan says:

    I am very short for time, my sons hair cut is today, and I have been letting it grow out a little to see about getting him something different. The plan was just to allow longer bangs, but lastnight I was messing with his hair and gave him one of the new in shaggy hair styles. Would it be ok to maybe just let his hair grow out long and give him a shag hair cut?
    Such as this…

    I just dont want him to get picked on or anything, because most of the boys at his school seem to have very short hair. He really wants the cut though.
    I dont understand where everyone is getting this to be my choice? I said HE REALLY WANTS THE HAIRCUT.. I tried it on him because his hair is pretty close any ways… it looked great, I just dont want him being made fun of for having longer hair. Boys at 5 are different then the teens. I could see how they could get the wrong idea.

  3. soccermaster1 says:

    I’m going into 8th grade, and have hair about an inch past my shoulders, it’s also extremely thin. any hair style ideas? (ps Im growing out my side bangs)

  4. Caltel T says:

    I have curly hair, not like REALLY curly, but it is really unmanageable. When I leave it down, it’s kind of poofy.What are some curly hair styles that might make it less poofy?

  5. Gabriel Kenney says:

    hi i need a new hair style for 2012
    my hair is brown, wavy and up to my armpits plus i have a side fringe
    i only have 35 minutes to get to the bus so it needs to be quick and no buns (i wear them every day)
    please help thanks XX.

  6. Mark M says:

    I just got my hair cut, and i hate it ! it looks horrible when i straighten it, and even uglier when i put it up. Its a little above shoulders and there are A LOT of layers, and they go pretty short, Do you have any hair style ideas ??

  7. Jose B says:

    Im going to the pool but i still want to look good even though my hair is still going to get messed up but idk what the latest summer hair style is HELP PLEASE!

  8. steve says:

    Can someone give me some free sites that have diffrent hair styles on them, I am trying to look for a certain hair do but I dunno how to explain it so im trying to find a picture so when I go to the hair cuttery I can show it to the person doing my hair

  9. Flash Funk says:

    i have straight brown hair and i need a easy hair style to do for skool but i only wear my hair down can u give me some pictures plz thanks!

  10. ttocs says:

    I have stong hold hair gel, curling iron and flat iron, scrunchies, brushes (duh), and and 4 inch past shoulder length straight brown hair. Style suggestions???

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