Shaggy blonde bob haircut with bangs - Elisha Cuthbert hairstyle

Sexy Shaggy Blonde Medium Bob Haircut for Women: Elisha Cuthbert’s Bob Hairstyle

This is a fabulous modern casual look that’s perfect for summer!

The medium bob is layered to create an attractive curved silhouette that’s easy to style.  The styling is asymmetrical with an ‘untidy’ side parting and layers loosely swept over the top of the head giving flattering, natural height.

The long, angled fringe, with styling putty added to create defined strands falling over one eye, is totally trendy.  Although Elisha’s hair is straight, the cut gives lots of lovely volume around the face when roughly blown-dry for a contemporary-casual look.

And the light blonde, with medium golden blonde accents, makes this look reminiscent of a young Marilyn Monroe! This is a great short haircut for thick hair, if you are looking for a new fresh medium to short hair style, this layered bob hair style is for you!

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2 thoughts on “Cute Crown Braid Hairstyles”

  1. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    My hair is curly/wavy/frizzy below the shoulder
    im cutting it cut with sidebangs i normally scrunch my hair but this year being a sophmore i want to try some new hairstyles if you could give me the name maybe a pic and how to do it That would be great. Or maybe tell me about your favorite hairstyle. Thanks!

  2. Clayton Cottrell says:

    So, i’m going back to school next week and i was wanting to do something different with my hair other than ponytails and stuff. anything with braids or whatever that’s quick and cute. Thanks ladies
    I don’t need a hairdresser. i can do it on my own. i just need some ideas.

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