Shaggy Hair Style Tips for Women

Shaggy Hairstyles come in many lengths and just as many looks. Here you will find some refreshing ideas for your Shaggy ‘Do, that you can get at home.

Begin with freshly washed hair, which has been towel dried. Apply a good holding product, such as gel or mousse. Comb through to ends of hair to distribute product evenly. Put in a part if your style has one, and comb into desired style. Allow to dry naturally or under a hood dryer.

Lisa Rinna Layered Shaggy Hairstyle for Women
Lisa Rinna Layered Shaggy Hairstyle for Women /Getty Images

The basic shaggy style is an easy one to do at home. Use a medium to large barrel curling iron to put two curls in the crown, once cool use your fingers to fluff them up and a pick or comb to place them where you want them do the same with rest of hair and use a texturizing product for definition. When your style is where you want it, spray all with medium to extra hold hairspray.

Jennie Garth Messy Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs
Celebrity Jennie Garth Messy Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs /Getty Images

This short and shaggy look can be achieved with any number of texturizing products, after your hair is combed into place-and allowed to dry. Lift strands you want defined, apply product, and allow to dry once again. Repeat wherever you want hair to have lift, definition and interest.

Delta Goodrem Layered Medium Hairstyle with Bangs
Delta Goodrem Layered Medium Hairstyle with Bangs /Getty Images

This medium to long shaggy hairstyle is easy to do at home with a medium barrel curling iron and lots of product. If you happen to have naturally curly hair or a permanent wave in your hair this will truly, be a breeze. If in fact, you do already have wave present, all you need do is use a root volumizer particularly in the crown area for height. Make a shallow part of about two-inches on left side in front, and then make sections on either side of that part down to just in front of ears-these sections are to be left straight and hidden under rest of style. Put a little backcombing (teasing) in crown area, how much depends on the amount of lift you want. Then scrunch your curl all over to get the desired effect. Apply texturizing product and spray over entire style with a medium to extra hold hairspray to finish. If you do not have curl already present, follow directions above-with the addition of using a curling iron to put in very loose curl all over head. Scrunch this curl as previously described for natural curl.

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  • Tyler H

    I have a round face and long, two-toned hair. The top layer is my natural brown while the bottom layer is black. I usually like to clip-in brightly colored hair extensions.

    I’m really wanting something a bit more edgy. I want to keep most of my length, and I currently love the black in the bottom layer, but everything else just isn’t how I want it. I’d like to have something that looks great up or down and is maybe a bit spiky or shaggy…..weird/crazy, but not over the top.

    Also, any hair colors (natural or not) that you think could go well with fair skin.

    Two recent pictures of me: (hair down) (hair up)

    Maybe there’s a long version of this somewhere?

    Please, serious (and polite) answers only! Thank you! =)

  • Andres C

    Hey, so i am going away for the summer and im getting a haircut this week. need to thin out my har a bit but i also wanted to change the style..i want a hot, sexy style! :P
    i have pretty long hair to about my chest and it is died light brown. my face shape is like amanda bynes/ whitney port. I was thinking alot of layers maybe..i want it to be shaggy so i can let it go and be flowy and attractive ;)
    i have no bangs. and i have naturally wavy hair so it can get puffy if i dont streighten it or sleep on it. Any tips, pictures, or ideas as to what i should do with my hair please let me know :D thanxxxxx