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Short Curly Haircut for Women Over 50: Lively Curls in Razored Cut – Annette Bening Hairstyle

Short curly hairstyle for women over 50 - Annette Bening hairstyle

Latest popular short haircut for women over 50: lived curly razor cut

This attractive short layered look is razor-textured to created sharp contemporary tips for a trendy, modern finish!

And creating a super creative contrast, the line is softened with lovely tousled curls on the top and sides.  Keeping it casual, a couple of curly strands fall onto the forehead to soften the forehead.

This style has plenty of movement and texture to keep the focus on Annette’s upper face and away from any signs of age.  And the flattering, golden-brown shade catches and reflects the light for lots of natural highlights and colour dimension.

Tucked casually behind the ears, this is a very good style for women of all ages who like a perky tousled look!

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6 thoughts on “23 African American Prom Hairstyles – Gallery of Black Prom Hair Styles”

  1. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    My hair is brown, medium length, and i’m thinking to add hair to it. Mainly looking for updo’s but others are fine. I’m wearing a long grecian style dress if that helps.

  2. mrankinmatt says:

    I have a strapless dress and I usually wear my hair up (in a ponytail). I think it would be special tp have it down with curls but I could also have a really fancy up do. I’m black and have shoulder-length hair. Thanks for the help! Also I don’t want my hair to be really shiny and greasy after I get it done so I’m leaning more towards having it down.

  3. Maggie says:

    Hello, I’m “African American” or as well refer to as “black”; well anywho its my senior year, I have short hair and I’m looking for some short hairstyles for prom so I look exceptionally beautiful this year for my date. Can you PLEASE help me find some websites fitting that description?

    Please and Thank You :)

  4. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    My hair is just below my shoulders but for prom i wanted to have more hair to work with ya know?
    I was thinking about just getting a single track to help with that. but how will this look? I want a picture to look at. Anyone got any?
    Will this work out??? Thanks!

  5. Dom L says:

    *I am white
    *I have blonde hair
    *my hair is thick
    *I kinda want an up-do
    *I am wearing a baby pink, strapless dress

  6. Milk84 says:

    the one coming out April 11th with Brittney Snow? He’s African-American, that’s all I know
    excuse me? i don’t think so. look at this preview and see for yourself.

    look at 10 seconds!!!!

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