Amelia Lowe Short Haircut with Blunt Bangs: Pageboy Cut

Amelia Lowe Short Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Short pageboy cut for women: Amelia Lowe, a top 14 finalist in So You Think You Can Dance Season 9, proves that you can express yourself by swinging your hair along to the beat of your hips! Her enchanting deep brown pageboy is cut in a beguiling fashion of which the final result is just plain cute.

Amelia looks innocent and happy as she wears the vintage hair do, characterized by straight bangs and a chin length hair curled under just so. All that is missing is a time travel machine, and Amelia could whisk us back to the 1950s era with one shake of her head! So you think you can dance, Amelia? Dance on!

Amelia Lowe Pageboy Cut
Short straight hairstyle with blunt bangs: Amelia Lowe Pageboy Cut /FOX
Amelia Lowe
Amelia Lowe /
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