Short Hair Style Tips for the Mature Women

A lot mature women love to sport short haircuts. Never let it be said, that if we are of a “mature” age-that we can’t do this, or wear that. Says whom?! While it is true, there are some hairstyles, clothes and make-up that we would not be “caught dead” in, there are many things supposedly reserved for “the young” that we love too! If there is something you like, I say- “go for it! “ There are ways to wear a trendy hairstyle that is “geared toward the younger set,” and once you put your unique signature on it, “twenty-some-things” eat your hearts out! We “mature” ladies have grace and style that just comes naturally with age, and we are rockin’ the so-called young styles to prove it!

Here are 3 most popular short haircuts on loved by a lot mature ladies:

Sharon Stone Short Hairstyles for Mature Women
Sharon Stone Short Hairstyles for Women over 50s


Halle Berry Short Pixie Haircut for Women Over 40s
Halle Berry Short Pixie Hair Style for Mature Ladies


Caroline Manzo Layered Short Red Hairstyle for Women Over 50s
Caroline Manzo Layered Short Red Hairstyle for Women Over 50s/

These gorgeous ladies have all “got it goin’ on”! You can give your short “do” some get up and go too, with these easy to follow tips-You Go Lady!

Hairstyles for Older Women: For all three styles pictured above, begin with freshly washed and towel dried hair-apply your favorite holding product i.e. gel or mousse and work through to ends to distribute product evenly. Comb hair into place with everything going in the direction you want it and allow to dry. Allowing hair to dry naturally or under a hood type dryer is best, although a blow dryer may be used if necessary-but the less heat you apply to your locks the better.

For a fuller, longer Pixie type cut such as Caroline Manzo’s pictured at left above-with fullness in the crown, more of a traditional look-for the office. You will use a medium barrel curling iron or medium sized hot rollers and wrap the crown area backward, the sides and back of hair down. Direct your bang area down over forehead. Spray all lightly with hairspray, and allow to dry completely.
Once dry, fluff with your fingers and backcomb (tease) with a pick where needed and use a bit of texturizing putty if desired to pull a few pieces in toward face and/or define bang.

If you are looking for that “mussed” look, for your short Pixie , such as shown in the center photo of Halle Berry- Use a texturizing product such as a putty and really get in there and have fun pulling your hair up in the crown, up and over to one side, a funky little bang, some fringes around your face. Just whatever you feel would look great, for a fun and flirty change!

Look to sexy Sharon Stone, for a sassy, sultry look. Just apply a styling spray with medium to extra holding ability to the root, holding strands up until they stiffen. Once you achieve the height you want, wind things up with an extra hold finishing spray or texturizing putty. When everything is in place just where you want it-give it all a good spray and Voila’, you are ready for that special occasion!

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  • Franklin Bluth

    This is going to be a long question. :)
    Well school starts in about 3 or 4 weeks. I guess I’m pretty, but I’m tired of being known as the “cute one” to all of my friends. I want to look prettier, hotter, and more mature. I also want to look like a girl guys stop and stare at. But I don’t want to lose myself!!
    I’m going into high school.
    I’m maybe 4’11″. Pretty short. I have medium skin that tans to a dark walnut in the summer. I have almond shaped dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I’m really thin, and people make fun of me for it and being short. I have a small amount of really long (overgrown) layers, and overgrown sidebangs.
    My style is like a t-shirt, jeans, polos, sneakers kind. Really casual.
    I have a bunch of questions, for different categories.

    1) Should I cut my hair like this (having a heart-shaped face?):…
    2) Does giving yourself natural highlights with apple cider vinegar (1 cup water, 1 cup ACV) actually work? I’m tempted to try, because my mom doesn’t want me to go to a salon for highlights and she won’t let me buy a kit.
    3) How could I fix my hair like this?:…
    I actually have no curling iron, but if I wanted my hair curly I usually use braids and sleep in them overnight. I also own a hair dry (but no straightener). Do I just have to make really loose braids to get the waves?
    4) Is there a way to make your hair grow a little faster? I want it to be a little longer before it gets cut.
    5) Any cute hairstyles, casual like messy buns, etc.?
    6) Any healthy hair tips?

    I’m petite. I want a cute, fun girly style.
    1) What are the trends for 2010-2011?
    2) What are the essentials in my wardrobe?
    3) What stores should I shop at?
    4) Anything else I need to know?
    5) What kind of bags are cute, affordable, and durable (like purses, etc.?)
    6) What kinds of shoes are cute affordable, trendy, and they go with any outfit? How many and what kinds of shoes should I have?

    1) What colors would suit me?
    2) How much is enough makeup?
    3) How do you curl your eyelashes?
    4) Can Vaseline be used as mascara?
    5) What/ how should I do my makeup if I want my eyes to look bigger?
    6) Or, how can I work with my almond eye shape?
    7) Any beauty tips?

    1) What’s a good beauty routine?
    2) How often should I shave/pluck/wax?
    3) How do I shape and pluck and groom my eyebrows?
    4) How much water should I drink each day, recommended?
    5) What’s a good skincare routine? I get occasional zits.
    6) Good ways to get rid of eyebags?
    7) Do any of those eyebag creams work?
    8) Ways to develop body confidence?
    9) How to take care of a girlstache?
    10) How to keep up with everything?
    11) How to look good anytime, anywhere?
    12) What exercises to fix my flat butt? (:

    1) How to not lose myself?
    2) How to flirt with guys?
    3) How to be more organized this year?
    4) How to be more girly?
    5) How to be a better student?
    6) How to pay mroe attention in class?
    7) How to make more friends?
    8) How to survive high school? (:
    9) How to not procrastinate?

    Any other additional tips you have are going to be greatly appreciated whether it’s beauty, personality, etc. Please, no rude comments. Thanks so much! (:

  • Alex

    I am 16 years old, and look 12 years. I still have baby fat on my face and my height doesn’t help either [I am only 5 feet!]. I feel this really disadvantages me from doing certain things or interacting with certain people who are older than me. many friends of mine look their age and they get accepted into discos/bars and they hang out with older looking friends, but I would feel extremely self conscious because I would look like a little child near them. any tips on how i can make myself look more mature without making myself look like a drag queen?