Light-copper or strawberry-blonde is one of Hollywood’s favorite shades this summer and looking at KaDee you can see why!

The effect against KaDee’s skin tone is warmer and softer than some blonde shades and, also important, it’s something different!  This is a shade that’s rare as a natural color, so wearing it makes you look special and fresh.

This short bob haircut also flatters many face shapes and gives you a style that’s a great alternative to both old-fashioned straight (and boring!) and trendy waves.

The side parting is a little crooked to add a casual-contemporary vibe and the pretty side-swept fringe is expertly graduated down to the temples, softening the line.  Around the face, the shorter layers curve in to focus attention to the mouth and chin and the overall effect is both natural and very stylish!

This straight bob hair style is great for oval, square, round, heart face shapes.

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