Ariana Grande Hairstyles - Long Sleek Red Hairstyles
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Sleek Long Red Hairstyle for Women – Ariana Grande Hairstyles

Celebrity redhead – Long sleek red hairstyle for women from Ariana Grande. The fabulously rich red shades in Arianna’s hairstyle are a fantastic way to show your daring, contemporary fashion style!

In line with the latest new and exciting color trends that have been picked up with enthusiasm by the rich and famous, this cut and color flatters Arianna’s face shape and coloring beautifully.

The cut is razored layers with heavily textured ends, which taper down into spiky edgy tips.  From a side parting, the long fringe is styled across in an asymmetric sweep that accentuates the eyes and cheek-bones.

The color is the real star and three closely related tones of red create shimmering blended sections moving from darker down to lighter tips.

If you like to be the trend-setting center of attention and the envy of your more conservative friends – this amazing cut and color is definitely for you! Find more trendy red hairstyles here.

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2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Layered Long Blonde Hairstyles”

  1. baldy eire says:

    ok, i’ve always really liked my hair, and last year i got it cut into a bob and hated it.. it’s grown back (thank god), and now it’s just below my shoulders.. it was a light blonde colour..until i dyed it at home in August (it said it would last for 24 washes…but it’s still in my hair…?) and now it’s like a blondey browny gingery colour :L i have a side parting with a side fringe and my hair is layered. I have really pale skin, blue eyes and an oval kind of shaped face.. i want to grow my hair long again so i don’t want it cut too short… i want a new hair style to go back to school in january (i’m 13 btw if that helps). i thought… new year, new start, new hair is a good place to start 🙂 any ideas? i kind of want it to be fairly unique but stylish… any ideas? if you could post pictures that would be brilliant, thanks

  2. friendly 4 says:

    I don’t know how to get Lindsay Lohan’s hair. I think I would have to get layers first then curl them (large curls) and get a side parted/off-center sideswept/side bangs. Do you think it would work with black hair? On Asians with long, silky black hair?

    Anyway, does anyone have any other pictures with hairstyles that are similar to hers?

    I think sometimes Paris Hilton has this hairstyle too but they’re just extensions. This seems like it would be a popular style but most people have no bangs or another style.

    Thanks, guys!

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