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Asian haircuts for men: Asian men have their way of styling their hair so their natural charm and enigma would be highlighted even more. If you want to ooze appeal and make women chase after you, forget about the mushroom or bowl cut. Yes, this is the more traditional Asian haircut which moms adore on their little boys. It is characterized by the thickly cut, concave bangs and long layers that are cut by the ear level. Problem is, this might not have the same appeal on the ladies that you would like to date. Here are some popular stylish Asian hairstyles for men from hairstylesweekly.com

To add more machismo to your look, here are the top hairstyles for Asian men. Picking the one which will match your personality will surely make it easy for you to catch the attention of the ladies.

Asian Buzz Cut for Men

Jae hee buzz cut for men 2013

Korean hairstyles for men- Jae hee buzz cut: Jae Hee is a South Korean actor who made his on-screen debut in the Korean drama School

This is a very neat look which also exposes the strong features of your face. The buzz cut is very easy to maintain too. This hairstyle is done by cutting the hair really short, about half an inch or less. The length is has to be even all over the head. If you want to have an opportunity to style your hair, you might want to opt for a longer version of the buzz cut, about 1 to 2 inches of hair length. That way, you can apply hair wax or mousse to create twisted segments for added texture.

Asian Stylish Spiked Haircut for Guys

Asian Japanese Spiked Haircut 2013 - 2014

Asian Spiked Haircut: Japanese Spiky hair style for men

Asian Spiky hairstyles for men: This is fitting for men who have layered and slightly longer hair. The goal is to give more definition to the spikes. This involves the use of a lot of hair wax with strong hold. One way of doing the spikes is to simply twist the ends of the segments. For a more edgy and stylish look, comb your hair away from the roots, then apply hair styling products. By doing this, the spikes would become upright.

Cool Layered Hairstyles for Men: Soft Layers

Messy Layered Asian Hairstyle for Men 2013 - 2014

Messy Layered Asian Hairstyle for Men

Is a more sleek look which is perfect for the career-oriented men. The hair remains longer than the usual boyโ€™s cut. The sides slightly cover the ears and the back part reaches the nape. Layers are done in a much smoother way so there is a continuous transition. For more formal occasions, you can apply hair gel on the crown area and then slightly sweep it to the side. You can maintain the volume for a more interesting look or keep it flat and neat.

Stylish Asian Hair Styles for Men: Hairstyle with Textured Bangs

Jay Chou Hairstyles 2013 - 2014

Chinese Hairstyles for Men: Jay Chou’s Textured Medium Hairstyle with Bangs

Adding bangs is a more hip style which still maintains elegance. Bangs should also have varying layers which can be fixed to add volume and texture to your look.

Men’s Hairstyles: It is time to update your look by opting for a more trendy Asian hairstyle. Men should not be confined to the traditional school boy cut. If you really want to impress the women, pick a more updated hair cut which matches the features and shape of your face. All it takes is dropping by your trusted stylist and ensuring that you know the proper way to style it. Transform yourself to a total hunk with these hairstyles. Find more Asian hairstyles for men on our site.

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Loose Bun

6 thoughts on “Loose Bun”

  1. Duke says:

    I am terrible at hair and bad at loose/messy buns. I’be done them well like two times but I don’t know how so few times are successful.

  2. arronwrath says:


    any links to any videos showing this?
    or you could try to explain it in words..w/e.

  3. kewlflame14 says:


    For competitions I have my hair in a ‘ballet bun’. my sister usually does this for me. we know how to do it, and it doesnt look bad, but we always have trouble trying to pin the loose hair around the bun. when i see other peoples hair, it always looks so neat and tidy, and you cant even see the hair wrapped around the bun, but i cant seem to get mine that tidy. you can sort of see the twisted hair pinned around the bun. i know some people just put scrunchies over theirs, but i dont want to have to do this, and the peoples hair i have seen dont all wear a scrunchie. Does anyone know how to do a bun, where all you can see is the bun, and not any loose hair or anything?

    Thank you. (or if you have any other good hair styles for figure skating) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the answers. ๐Ÿ™‚ i put a hair net over the bun already, and i do a donut bun with one of those donut shaped sponges. it looks alright, i was just wondering if anyone had any tips for hiding the hair that you twist around the bun, because i have quite long hair and kind of adds another small layer to my bun, which id rather not have. thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Adam says:

    I don’t want it just scrunched up.. I mean an actual bun. Just want something that i can do to my hair quickly before work

  5. everydayGuitarist says:

    I would like to put my hair in a highish loose bun. My hair is naturally straight, however i have been curling it a lot lately and i prefer it curly. Therefore, could anyone tell me how to do a loose bun with curly hair, i want it so that there is a few curls hanging out of the bun – if that makes sense. Thank you.

  6. Muzahid says:

    Is it weird to wear to wear a loose bun to school?

    like not a bun like when you dance and stuff .

    i mean the loose bun like letting flyaways fall to the side and my bangs hang down and letting extra hair from the bun fall down.
    i plan to wear this all day. ๐Ÿ˜€

    and thanks guys for the answers! i’ll pick a best answer probably in an hour or so ๐Ÿ˜€

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