Yaya DaCosta Short African American Curly Hairstyle

Yaya DaCosta Short Black Curly Hairstyle

 African American Naturally Curly Hairstyles for Women
YaYa DaCosta rocks a deceptively easy hairstyle for the NYC premiere of The Iron Lady.   You may notice that YaYa’s coils are styled asymmetrically leaving one side of curls tightly coil and stretching others on the opposite side out to create more volume. This is really a stylish hairstyle.

To accomplish YaYa’s epically riotous curls, just wet your hair and apply moisturizing oil.  Separate sections, one by one, into two equal strands.  Twist the strands around each other and then rub the ends so that they do not untwist themselves.  Dry overnight or sit under a bonnet dryer set to medium heat.  When your twists are dry, just untwist them and style as desired. Do you love this short black hairstyle?

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  1. Lia-lu-li says:

    OK. So I am looking to get some crochet braids and I would like to use a specific wave pattern. INDIAN WAVE to be exact. Something that looks very similar to Madira Virgin Indian Wavy hair. The problem is you need braiding hair to do crochet braids and the only type of Indian wavy hair I could find was for weaving. I’ve been looking at other wave patterns that might do but none of them can top Indian wavy hair to me. If you have any other hair type suggestions that are similar or if there is Indian wavy braiding hair somewhere out there that isn’t expensive then that would so me wonders. Please Help <3. Thx.

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