20 Trendy Short Haircuts for Cool Summer Style!

If you’re as bored as I am seeing ‘beachy waves’ trotted out year in and year out, maybe it’s time to shake up your image! Here’s how to change your long look into a sexy, sassy trend-setting image with a short cut.

Cool beachy waves!

There’s a feeling of absolute freedom attached to a short hairstyle that’s quick and easy to wash and style and keeps you feeling cool and comfortable! These hairstyles all look ultra-modern and are guaranteed to change your image to sophisticated, casual, chic, confident, hip, messy or whatever you want!

So if your hair is currently full of split ends and in a shapeless cut that really doesn’t flatter your facial features, take the plunge with the short bob hairstyle inspired by these new hair fashion photos.

Update your image

And if you are already a short-hair fan, take a look at these imaginative new styles and jazz up your image. Keeping to the same style for too long is one of the things that will make you look older.

This has been shown in several studies on how your appearance shows your age. Apparently, the very first thing that women look at when deciding the age of another women is the hair cut, condition and style!

Look younger

Choose your favourite look here and then take it to your stylist and ask her to make suggestions and adjustments to ensure the cut you get flatters your face perfectly!

I guarantee you’ll emerge looking younger and far more stylish with a super, short hair -cut for your summer makeover!

Tip-top condition

Having a short cut makes it easier to keep your hair in tip-top condition and shiny, which is a well-known indicator of youth. Plus you’ll save a fortune on the incredible number of styling products needed to treat long, heat-damaged hair.

Another benefit of going short is that it’s a great opportunity to dye your hair the bold, new shade you’ve always wanted, (but would be too difficult to keep up on long hair.)

Cute tousled curly bob hairstyle for thin hair

/Getty images

Go a bold, new colour

Going blonde on short hair is easier to maintain and having some really eye-catching gold or copper balayage colour accents done on short brunette hair is not only cheaper, but also totally trendy right now.

If your skin is pale, warm it up with an eye-catching copper shade for summer. And if your skin tone goes red when you get too warm in summer, cool it down with one of the very trendy ash shades that Cara Delevingne and others are showcasing. Not only in ash-blonde either, but also fabulous ash-browns and even ash-black!

So what’s your dream short haircut and colour for summer this year? Find more on hairstylesweekly.com!

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