33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

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Welcome, style seekers, to our definitive guide featuring the 33 best bob haircuts and hairstyles that are making waves in the fashion world. As versatile as they are timeless, these bob haircuts should be on everyone’s radar. Get ready for a treasure trove of the finest bob hairstyles that will leave you eager to join the bob revolution.

The Bob is no ordinary haircut. It’s a chameleon, adapting to fit every face shape, hair texture, and personal style. From the edgy blunt bob to the playful wavy bob and the sophisticated long bob, each variation is a testament to the endless potential of this iconic haircut.

bob hair style for women

This isn’t just about hair; it’s about a revolution in style that’s been embraced by fashion icons like Rihanna, who stunned with her daring red bob, Katie Holmes, whose classic dark bob epitomizes elegance, and Karlie Kloss, whose textured lob embodies innovation. These women are not just wearing a bob haircut, they’re making a style statement that proclaims, “the bob looks fantastic on everyone.”

So, brace yourselves as we embark on a journey through the landscape of bob hairstyles. This article will showcase these unique bob haircuts, each with the potential to redefine your style and captivate onlookers. Be prepared to dive deep into the exciting world of bob hairstyles, be inspired, and uncover the perfect bob haircut that’s been waiting for you. By optimizing this guide with keywords such as “best bob haircuts”, “bob hairstyles”, “iconic bob”, and “bob revolution”, we aim to reach a wide audience eager to explore the world of bob hairstyles.

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Long brunette bob with rose-gold & copper highlights

Ombred long bob hairstyle for women


Straight hair looks great in long, brunette bob haircuts from the Swinging 60’s. Smooth bob hairstyles look good on medium to thick hair with a little shaping at the ends. The graduated layers in the front give extra interest to the front view, while contemporary, warm dual highlights in rose-gold and copper-blonde accentuate the movement beautifully.

This smooth long bob is a sophisticated choice for the fashion-conscious woman. If you want to update your long hair for a more modern look, you can’t go wrong with this long bob hairstyle which will lengthen your face shape.

Cute choppy long bob hairstyles with golden blonde to white fade


Instagram / hairbykaitlinjade

Medium blonde shades are the most flattering blonde shades to anyone over-25, and the subtle blending of gold into pale blonde shades at the front make this a hair color idea that will suit a wide range of skin-tones. The ends are a fabulous mix of blunt-cut and textured tips, with strands arranged to create contrasting movement in the side-sections.

Simple easy trendy bob hair style for summer

32 Hottest Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Should Not Miss This Year


Wavy balayage lob hairstyle for women

26 Hottest Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Should Not Miss This Year

Balayage wavy lob hairstyle paired with bronze blonde and light brunette balayage and babylights by Lynsey Good at Matthew Michael’s Portfolio salon. photo by @mmseportfolio


Balayage bob haircut for shoulder length hair


Love these warm coppery tones. instagram

Long brunette bob with end waves

The 60’s vintage is the hottest fashion trend for this year. This easy-style, shoulder-skimming bob is the perfect way to get a long hair makeover and ensure you’re casually well-groomed from top to toe! Long bob haircuts suit strong, thick hair and this one has a couple of layers cut near the tips, so the style can be curved under or fashionably flicked-out!

Choppy medium bob haircut on gold-blonde hair

This choppy medium bob is one of the fresh and youthful bob hairstyles that anyone can wear, if you’re looking for short hairstyles for women, consider this one. Cut to just past chin-length and with an asymmetrical parting on one side, your stylist can tailor the shape the flatter your face beautifully! There’s no age limit either, so whatever your age – you can wear trendy casual twists in your choppy bob. Medium-blonde is one of the most flattering blonde shades, too!

Medium-short A-line bob with fringe and highlighted tips

short bob hairstyle with bangs for women


This chin-length brunette bob is shaped down from the back to longer strands on either side of the chin. It has a full, straight-across fringe, covering the eye-brows like the 60’s bobs, that’s graduated down at each end. The hair is slightly layered and features extra-long side strands. The modern twist can also be seen in the highlighted tips of the long layer, which are lightly flicked out to add extra volume.

Smooth medium-length blue bob for medium-thick hair

Back view of bob cut


Hair color ideas for short bob haircut: The back view of this smoothly-styled bob shows it has just enough natural volume to give it body and shape, but not so much that it flares out in an unflattering, ‘triangle’ shape. This blue-on-brunette bob hairstyle is lightly layered at the tips to encourage the hair to curve under and stay in place. The funky blue colour is graduated in a modern ombr, moving from dark roots to lighter tips, to create a shiny bob haircut that’s packed with confidence and contemporary style!

Glamorous blonde party bob with black and plum balayage

You don’t need long hair piled on top to be a real glamour-puss, as this super-chic and trendy short bob hairstyle proves! It’s a great cut for medium – thick hair as it needs sufficient body to carry off the full, rounded shape from crown to nape. Sliced layering takes the heaviness out of thick, strong hair and the ends are beautifully tapered to hug the nape and frame the chin. Add in the fabulous plum streaks and black accents, and a full, straight-across fringe, and you’ve got a really show-stopping short bob!

Rebel blonde choppy long bob with chocolate roots

Hair color ideas for shoulder length hair: This is more chic than full-on rock-chick blonde and creates a fabulous long bob with plenty of ‘attitude’ that matches the model’s sleeve tattoo. This long, choppy bob has a few layers creating that wonderful, wind-swept forward movement and chopped-end texture. Instead of stark colour contrasts, this sophisticated long bob hairstyle shows that warm chocolate ‘grown-out roots’, melting into pale, golden-blonde defined strands, is a more feminine and face-flattering hairstyle altogether!

Stacked-back short bob hairstyle with white-gold highlights

Inverted Bob With Highlights

This classy cut is a trendy high-fashion bob hairstyle that looks amazing on medium – thick hair types. Dense hair allows the stylist to sculpt a stacked-back, which automatically puffs-up the section just below the crown for an attractive roundness. This contrasts with the geometry of the sharply-angled sides. Finishing with tapered textured tips at chin-level makes this youthful bob a style that can be worn with equal success by tattooed teens and ladies of ‘a certain age’ (with or without tats)!

Windswept shaggy bob for medium-length hair

This messy, choppy bob is perfect for wearing with the latest leather fashion-clothes. It’s a real, ‘too cool to care’ bob haircut that looks simple, but includes some clever cutting. The shorter back is tapered down to textured tips, a couple of inches past chin-level. The light, messy texture and waves highlight the beautiful dark coppery-blonde colour. This high-fashion medium-length bob is suitable for thick – medium-textured hair (and fine-hair, as long as it is reasonably thick).

Warm-blonde A-line bob with long fringe

This easy to wash and wear A-line bob, is an authentic vintage 60’s look, favoured by the chic and stylish Mod girls of the time. The A-line bob hairstyle’s perfect for medium to thick hair textures with some natural volume – to ensure the stacked layers at the back create a naturally bouffant shape below the crown. The strongly-angled sides sweep down to frame the chin and brush the collar-bone. This cute medium-length bob haircut has long layers and a smooth, straight finish, providing the perfect backdrop for some pretty golden blonde highlighting!

Classy long blonde blunt-cut bob hairstyle

This classic asymmetric bob is an extremely cute and classy style that never goes out of fashion for those with thick, healthy fair hair. The hair is blunt-cut at the ends to add thickness and is the same length around the head, except for some light shaping at the front to produce a natural curve inwards. This long bob can be parted in the centre, to create a flattering frame for oval-shaped faces or varied with an asymmetric side-parting. With one side tucked casually back to expose the ear, and the other falling in a peek-a-boo curtain, this classic blonde-bombshell bob hairstyle, plus red lipstick, can give you a very sexy look!

Shaggy faded pink wavy bob hairstyle

Worn as a casual look with faded denim or with a strappy dress at a party, this shaggy pink, bob hairstyle is a cute and sexy new look. This is the next step for an edgy platinum blonde wavy bob you want to update for Spring/Summer. It’s such a flattering look for young women with the latest nose-rings and for mature ladies, too! You can get this look on medium-textured or fine hair, as the bleaching, choppy cutting and defined twisty waves all add volume and thickness to the hair. It’s also one of the bob hairstyles that suits all face shapes, as the chin-length bob looks good on everyone and the parting can be changed to flatter your face perfectly!

Wavy ombre bob haircut with centre parting for oval faces

Beyonc short ombre curly bob cut


For an oval face, the centre parted medium-length bob is a real flatterer! If you have naturally wavy hair this bob haircut is a great style to wear as it couldn’t be easier to style! The parting emphasises the lovely symmetry of your face and the waves frame the face to emphasise your eyes and lips. The glamour comes from the beautifully judged ombre colour which moves from dark blonde roots down to wheaty-blonde to finish with gleaming white-gold tips. This is also a great bob hairstyle for anyone with a narrow or pointed chin, as the extra volume at chin-level balances out a thin lower face perfectly!

Sea-green colour on long black bob hairstyle

Black hair and goth styles can be refreshed for the Spring/Summer season with a new colour, such as this deep sea-green. This messy medium-long bob is cut in long layers with sharply textured tips to make the ends curve inwards. With a strong colour, the bob is best kept simple and styled to look windswept and casual. If you have an oval face, then a centre-parting is a good way to show off your features. However, if you have a round or square face shape, the parting can be shifted to produce an equally flattering look. A bob with plenty of side volume is also a good way to add width to a thin face. This bob is suitable for coarse, straight hair with plenty of natural volume.

Shaggy reverse-angled bob with caramel-blonde ombre

If you don’t want to lose your hair length, but long curtains on either side of your face aren’t flattering you, choose a reverse angle bob like this! The front is cut into a just-below-chin-length bob, which flatters almost all faces, but is then graduated down to a longer length at the centre back. This clever two-in-one shaggy bob has edgy tapered tips to make the ends appear light and wispy. And the caramel-blonde ombre accentuates the windswept finish and displays darker roots for an edgy, casual touch.

Dark-blonde to wheaty-blonde ombre on lightly-waved medium bob haircut

short ombre bob haircut 2016


This long bob is a great choice for fine hair and medium hair, as the long layers allow the light-textured hair to hang in silky sections with defined waves. The beautiful movement of the hair is accentuated by the lovely dark-blonde to white-blonde ombre, which gives the impression of sun shining on the lower lengths. It’s a very easy bob hairstyle, suitable for anyone with a busy life, which is cut with long layers and lightly textured tips. The waves and highlights add lots of attractive texture to this pretty and feminine long bob haircut. Do you love this hair color Find more latest popular hair color ideas here.

Long bob for thick straight hair with caramel balayage on dark-blonde

Short dark to blonde ombre hair


Long strong and straight hair is one of the hair types that looks perfect in this smoothly sophisticated long bob haircut. Working with the hair’s coarse texture is the way to bring out the best hairstyles and this bob has been trimmed to have a slightly shorter back with an angle down to the front. The tips have been carefully textured to encourage the hair to lie in a cute inwards curve at the ends and no ‘bushy ends’ to deal with. The sophistication comes from the smooth finish with a combination of caramel balayage and dip-dye in the lower lengths and those lightly brushed-back strands add ‘carefree’ movement for a cute, casual finish! Find more ombre hairstyles on hairstylesweekly.com

Honey and white-gold long shaggy bob for thick hair

Side view of soft wavy bob cut

The shaggy blonde bob hairstyle is one of the hottest looks for anyone with naturally fair hair or thick, strong hair. The shaggy cut depends on the hair’s natural body to create volume around the head and give an easy style that needs very little styling. This version is cut into long layers with tapering tips to create a wispy texture at the ends of the hair, which just grazes the collar-bone. Then on a mousy-blonde base, the dual medium-gold and white-gold highlights create lots of attractive depth and colour dimension in the windswept texture!

Wavy medium bob on dark-blonde with white-gold highlights

Here’s a super-cute and contemporary medium-length shaggy bob. This version of the bob haircut is tailored to suit a round face shape, with a deep side-parting, which creates a diagonal line across the face and falls over one eye in a sexy look. You can get this style on fine – medium textured hair and the gentle waves add body and texture. This shaggy bob-cut has long layers and lightly-textured tips that encourage an inward curve and avoid bushy ends, if your hair is thick.

Long smooth angled bob for straight hair with cool blonde highlights

Side View of long Inverted Bob Hairstyle


This is a great bob haircut to update a shapeless long hairstyle and create a chic, smooth impression. You can get this look on medium and fine hair, (as long as you have plenty of fine hair to work with) and it’s a fab way to show off your silky, healthy hair. The hair is cut in an angled bob sweeping down from a shorter back, to longer tips on either side of the neck. On a simple background, you can really go to town with the highlighting and this look features densely applied cool blonde highlighting over a brunette base. Style with a bouffant crown and the long layers with lightly textured tips will hang naturally in an inward curve.

Front view of long smooth bob hairstyle with sharp tips and side parting

A-line bob haircut long bob straight lob


With a strong bob haircut like this one, you’ll find it very easy to style without needing a lot of complicated ‘equipment’ and expensive hair products. This long bob will add style and personality to otherwise plain, long hair. The side parting creates a nice, diagonal sweep across the forehead, making it a good way to break the symmetry of a round face shape or minimise a broad forehead. The flat sides help disguise facial width at cheek level and the sharply textured tips and steep angle down from the back, counteract the curviness of a round face!

Long cool-blonde ombr with dark blonde roots and defined waves

textured long bob hairstyle with blonde balayage

nstagram /hairbyjessica_

This simple long bob hairstyle for fine to medium-textured hair shows how to liven up long, dark blonde hair beautifully. The hair is cut in the same length all around and has lovely textured tips to make light and fluffy, wispy ends, which finish-off the white-blonde ombr. Defined waves at the side are one of the best ways to add volume to fine hair and the bleaching process will also help to thicken individual hair strands. The tousled finish really brings out the casual glamour of this easy-style, cute, long bob!

Stick-straight simplicity in long wheat-blonde bob hairstyle

straight a-A-line bob hairstyle - lob
Instagram / johnnyramirez1 hairstyle

This completely-straight long bob has a minimalist feel about it and the wheat-blonde coolness adds to this impression. The shaping includes a shorter back steeply angled towards the long sections on each side. The hair hangs down to the upper chest and is suitable for medium hair that has a certain amount of natural volume. Cut in long lengths with textured tips to give the ends a slightly ragged look, this is a style for women with normal to dry scalp, as this smooth bob will look greasy very quickly. Wear with a centre parting for an oval face or a side parting for other face shapes. It’s a professional-looking style that brings the focus onto your facial complexion and looks best with natural makeup. You can find more lob hairstyles on hairstylesweekly.com

Choppy chin-length bob with shaggy shape and cool blonde highlights

Side view of chic textured bob cut


Short hairstyles for women: Who knew that from a simple medium-length bob haircut, you could get such a trendy, windswept look! This bob is cut into same-length sections around the outline, which are sharply textured at the ends to create a shaggy, windswept finish. It’s easy to style and the chin-length also happens to suit most face-shapes, so fashionable and flattering! For medium – thick textured hair that seems to have a mind of its own, this shaggy bob is a great solution!

Warm-chocolate long bob with copper-blonde highlights and wavy curls

layered medium ombre hairstyle for women


If your pale complexion looks better with a warm hair colour, this chocolatey long bob hairstyle is one of the latest looks for Spring ! It’s a romantic style with beautifully judged gold and copper-blonde balayage highlights, cute waves and half-barrel curls. Although shown here with casual faded denim, this gorgeous bob haircut is perfect for a special occasion – from a Christmas/Birthday party to a wedding style. Suitable for fine and medium-textured hair with a little natural volume, this wavy highlighted bob is cut with a steep angle down from the back to extra-long side tips!

Cute Bob haircut for short hair

bob hairstyles
Bob Haircuts
bob haircut


So there you have a range of colours and bob haircuts to keep you in a state of complete indecision for a few hours at least! The best way to go about a bob makeover is to choose 3 or 4 images of your favourite shapes and colours to show your stylist – who will advise you on your face shape and suitable shades to match your complexion!

Do you love these bob hairstyles Here are more popular bob haircuts for you to choose from.

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