36+ Stylish Short Wavy & Curly Pixie Cuts for 2024

Curly Undercut

If you’re contemplating a bold move to short hair or you’re a natural curly-haired goddess looking to switch up your style, you’ve landed in the right place. From long side bangs to wild curls, there’s a range of options suitable for various face shapes, hair textures, and personal styles.

The pixie cut has been popular for many years, and its variations and evolutions clearly showcase its versatility and adaptability. However, for women with curly hair, choosing the right pixie cut style can be a bit complicated. That’s precisely why we’ve created this all-inclusive guide.

In this article, we’ll delve into different types of curly pixie cuts, each with its own unique charm and features. From “Long Side Bangs” to “Boyish” styles, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also feature examples from celebrities and fashion influencers for added style inspiration. So, let’s get started and find the pixie haircut that’s perfect for you!

1. Classic Curly Pixie Cut

Classic Curly Pixie Cut

This style is a nod to the timeless elegance of a pixie cut but with a curly twist. It’s perfect for those who love to wear their natural curls in the chicest way possible. Think of it as your go-to style if you’ve been pinning curly pixie cuts on Pinterest. It’s a look that has perennial appeal, serving both youthful exuberance and classic beauty.

2. Tousled Curly Pixie

Tousled Curly Pixie

If you’re after a pixie cut with a bit more attitude, this tousled, curly version could be your match. Ideal for black hair, the style gives off a “just out of the ocean” wet look. Cute and flirty, it’s the perfect style for someone who wants to make a statement without saying a word.

3. Curly Pixie with Baby Bangs

Curly Pixie with Baby Bangs

This curly pixie cut comes with an extra dash of personality thanks to the addition of short baby bangs. A fantastic choice for brunettes with dark hair, the baby bangs add a layer of intrigue and uniqueness. If you’re a fan of glasses, this hairstyle complements eyewear exceptionally well, framing the face in a delightfully geek-chic manner.

4. Longer Curly Pixie Cut

Longer Curly Pixie Cut

This is the kind of pixie cut that earns double-taps on Instagram. The style features a longer pixie cut that lets the curls roam free around the face, offering a feminine and soft frame. It’s a showstopper for sure, especially if you’re a curly-haired beauty looking for something that strays a little from the traditional pixie cut. If you love this bixie cut, learn more by clicking here.

5. For Older Women

short curly pixie cut For Older Women

If you’re over 60 and contemplating a pixie cut, don’t let the age factor deter you. This curly pixie cut is not only age-appropriate but also incredibly easy to style. It’s a liberating and low-maintenance look that exudes sophistication and ease. Ideal for older women who want to embrace both the convenience and style of a short haircut.

6. Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut

An edgy take on the pixie cut, this style features shaved sides with a curly top. The top part is colored in a trendy ash grey, while the sides are left dark, offering a stark contrast that screams style and originality. This cut is a fashionable twist for the person who loves to stand out.

7. Natural Curly Pixie

Natural Curly Pixie

This cut is a godsend for those looking to spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying life. Embrace your natural curl pattern with this short, black-haired pixie cut that is as low-maintenance as it gets. If you’re tired of time-consuming hair routines, this is the cut for you.

8. Layered pixie with curls

Layered pixie with curls

Featuring a blonde top and dark roots, this pixie cut takes advantage of soft layers to give your curls extra bounce and volume. It’s a win-win all around — you get to reduce bulk while enhancing your hair’s natural texture. The soft curls make it a cute and flirty option for anyone looking to change up their style.

9. Textured Curly Pixie

Textured Curly Pixie

Show off your curls with a textured cut that enhances their natural beauty. This pixie cut is perfect for short, dark, curly hair. It’s a carefree look that channels the spirit of Halle Berry’s iconic pixie cut, perfect for someone who wants to look effortlessly chic.

10. Green Curly Undercut

Green Curly Undercut

A daring choice for the adventurous at heart, this pixie cut features a curly green top with dark, shaved sides. The combination of vibrant green curls and the edgy undercut offers a bold style statement that is hard to ignore. Ideal for those looking to showcase their individuality through their hairstyle.

11. Long Side Bangs

Long Side Bangs

Platinum blonde locks and long, side-swept bangs steal the show in this daring pixie cut. Ideal for those who sport glasses, this hairstyle exudes a youthful and edgy aura. One side of the hair is shaved for added boldness. The soft curls and glasses combo make for a trendy look that’s perfect for the fashion-forward individual on the move—yes, even while sitting in the car.

12. Redhead

short red curly pixie cut

Featuring curly, red tresses, this feminine pixie cut is timeless yet always in vogue. Despite its shorter length, the hairstyle radiates personality and elegance. Perfect for curly-haired women who may have shied away from pixie cuts in the past. With the right stylist and upkeep, you can achieve a pixie cut that harmonizes with your curly locks.

13. Thick & Full

thick full pixie cut curly

Designed for those blessed with thick, curly hair, this boyish pixie showcases the lusciousness and texture of your tresses. The weight of your hair’s thickness allows for a multi-dimensional look that’s rich in volume and health.

14. Boyish Curly Pixie Cut

Boyish Curly Pixie Cut

For a minimalist yet impactful style, consider this boyish pixie cut. It leaves just enough length to showcase your natural curls while maintaining a sleek, neat look. Featuring an undercut and sides that are shaved, this hairstyle has a top of black, curly hair. It beautifully frames the face and is the epitome of low-maintenance chic.

15. Crazy Curls

Crazy Curls

If you’re looking for something playful and energetic, this curly pixie cut has got it all. The curls are small and wild, making the look lively and dynamic. Enhanced by a middle part, the hairstyle gains additional volume. Blonde highlights and curly bangs complete this adventurous look, making it the ultimate expression of individuality.

16. Face-balancing curly-top pixie

No wonder this cute model’s looking smug, she’s found a way to control her curls in an easy-care and flattering pixie cut!  The short-back-and-sides cut has a longer top trimmed into a square shape.  The square top balances out a long or narrow chin and the jaunty bangs soften and shorten a long face!

17. Simple classy pixie with silver hair accessory

It isn’t compulsory for brides and bridesmaids to have long hairstyles for the ceremony, or any of us for proms and parties!  This smooth pixie on thick hair with a little natural wave is a very flattering style for round/heart or long faces.  And adding a dainty silver hair accessory is the perfect finishing touch!

18. Bubbly curls add volume on natural hair – curly pixie cut for black women

Bubble curls and soft ringlet bangs add a lively vibe to this jaunty pixie.  The hair has lots of texture and movement that reflects light from the glossy surface.  Adding height helps faces seem longer and slimmer making this a flattering look for oval, round and heart faces.

19. Amazing asymmetric off-the-face curls

Here’s another jaunty pixie cut with a touch of asymmetry at the front.  Off-the-face styling shows off a pretty, rounded hair-line and emphasizes a symmetrical oval face.  The slightly asymmetrical shape above the forehead is a touch of ‘edge’ to break the perfect curves!

20. Four fantastic views of chic asymmetric white-blonde pixie

If you love urban-chic, this new hair color and styling option should inspire you!  At first, you notice the absence of black roots, which softens the look and gives a classier vibe.  Look again and you’ll see that the shadows are actually soft touches of silvery gray balayage!  This ice-princess look is really hot!

21. Edgy spiky pixie in deep plum brown – Trendy daily short cut for women

Thick hair with heavily textured razored tips is easy to style in a variety of trendy looks.  This forward-styled haircut has deep bangs with a sweeping curve to one side creating an asymmetrical look.  Shape and height are added to the crown with spiky straight-up strands in this casual style.

22. High wave quiff on ultra-short pixie

Leaving the face bare and adding height on top will elongate your face shape and razored short-back-and-sides emphasize the effect.  This extreme pixie with a faux-hawk shape and quiff shows the square hairline around the forehead, which balances out a narrow chin.

23. Disco diva messy curly pixie

Here’s someone who’s ready for a party, prom or disco session.  The long top of her pixie cut is teased for volume and above the light-brown roots cute, messy curls are highlighted in fine, pale-blonde strands.  Messy bangs draw attention to the eyes and the vintage eighties vibe is completed by a fabulous silver lamé dress!

24. Glamorous undercut & faux-hawk fusion

Here’s a sparky look that combines clipped undercut sides with a glamorous fauxhawk.  Close-cut sides and back have cute blonde tips creating fabulous texture and softening the short back and sides cut.  The large soft waves create flattering height on the top and side-bangs, in a fab fusion style for oval and round faces!

25. Daily asymmetric pixie hairstyle with bangs

This easy-care, asymmetric pixie is expertly balanced to flatter a round or heart face, with a side-parting and bangs that fall over one side of the forehead.  The short side creates a neatly styled profile and the long bangs accentuate the eyes with a touch of crimped texture at the tips.

26. Flowing wavy bangs on brunette asymmetrical pixie

For a special occasion or a smart-professional look for work, this asymmetrical pixie with wavy texture creates a very attractive image.  The lines are all soft from the blurred side-parting through the lovely waves falling across the forehead and over one eye to highlight the lips.  Suits long, round, heart and square faces.

27. Fun pixie with windswept texture & white highlights

There’s something about a cute pixie haircut that brings out our fun-side and this asymmetrical pixie’s a great example!  It takes the idea of a windswept finish and exaggerates it for a highly stylish new look.  With soft, light-brown roots under light-blonde with trendy, white balayage, it’s a fabulously fashionable look for long, round and heart faces!

28. Cute copper 50’s vintage curly pixie

This pretty and feminine bubble-curl pixie worn with retro-tortoiseshell glasses captures the fifties vibe in a very stylish way.  The short curly bangs soften the line down to the cute side-points and the tousled silhouette is full of texture and lively movement. Love this cut? Find more short hair styles here.

29. Vibrant vivid-red summer pixie cut for short hair

Here’s an exciting color option for your pixie hairstyle!  It’s a great summer look – when we all take a more relaxed view of life!  But it’s also a fabulous color for autumn fashions and as red as a holly-berry for a hot Xmas pixie, too!

30. Tight-curl pixie on natural hair – African American pixie cut

Here’s another cute, curly pixie style for natural hair.  The perfectly coiled curls create loads of light-reflecting texture and lively movement for a feminine look.  The bare forehead is great for showing off a nicely rounded brow and a softly wavy hairline framing the face.

31. Long side-swept waves & trendy neutral-blonde

With a low side-parting and soft, side-swept waves over the top of the head, this is a great style for long, round, oval and heart faces.  Creating a frame around the eyes and nose draws attention away from a wide forehead and narrow chin.  And the dual neutral-blonde balayage produces a totally up-to-date finish.

32. Soft & chic unusual defined waves – messy blonde wavy pixie cut

This is a totally feminine pixie cut with a very attractive soft-beige-blonde color over slightly darker honey-blonde roots.  The side parting adds a little asymmetry and the unusually-shaped, defined waves with spiky tips create just enough edge to show this is a totally new pixie.

33. All-over platinum blonde urban pixie

A casual wave above the forehead and no black roots really softens this platinum-blonde look.  This cut creates a flattering frame around the top part of the face, accentuating the eyes, so it’s a great shape for minimizing a double-chin or a round face!  And all-over blonde is truly trendy, too.

34. Pin-curls & ripples for a stylish pixie cut

Here’s a great way to give your pixie cut a new look, with trendy contrasting textures.  The side-swept fringe and top are styled in large, defined pin-curls with a lovely, curvy texture.  And at the back, the layers have been curled under in fabulous rows of rippling black!

35. Lively asymmetric curly pixie with glasses – curly pixie cut for women over 40

This image shows how the right pixie cut can draw attention away from a heavy jaw or wide face shape, by creating interest around the top of the head.  The deep side-parting creates asymmetry to break the square face shape and curly bangs help to ‘cut-off’ the corner-width of the forehead.

36. Matte twisted texture and sharp lines

This edgy pixie contrasts with the feminine, lacy blouse for a modern look that shows you don’t have to wear long curls to be attractive and womanly!  The short back and sides cut has cute, short side-points accentuating the eyes and matte-textured messy broken waves in a high-fashion faux-hawk.

short curly hairstyles
short curly hairstyles /credit 

Fresh styles and balayage ideas for pixie hairstyles are never-ending this year, so keep checking back to stay right up-to-the-minute with the most popular and fashionable styles!

20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
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40 Hottest Short Wavy, Curly Pixie Haircuts - Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
40 Hottest Short Wavy, Curly Pixie Haircuts – Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
pixie haircut with long bangs
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
20 Hottest Wavy Pixie Cuts & Curly Pixie Cuts for Short Hair
short pixie haircuts for women over 30

We hope you’ve found the inspiration to match your style and needs. Remember, choosing the right hairstyle is an essential path to boosting your confidence and showcasing your personality. Whether you’re a natural curl queen or considering a style change, there’s a pixie cut out here waiting for you to try. Book your stylist now and begin your journey to a fabulous new look!

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