30 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

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The bob is the perfect hairstyle for a change in your life. Lifting the weight from your hair means it will be in a better condition and easier to maintain, the bob is the easiest way to encapsulate effortless chic. Evocative of style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, the bob with bangs is ready for a comeback and perfect for a fresh change in the upcoming New Year.

Tousled and natural

This style exemplifies the flexibility of a bob, an easy hairstyle to recreate with curling tongues, this style keeps its controlled silhouette and the bangs straight to off set the curls making for a fascinating contrast.

Modern Ombre bob

If you’re looking for something different yet fashionable then this is the cut for you. The long ombre layers are perfectly on trend for this season with the straight across bangs adding volume to the cut and a sense of playful youthfulness about it.

Side swept, blunt cut

This bob haircut is great for showing off the multi-tonal color in your hair and especially works great with blonde hair. The bob is easy to preserve and looks stylishly polished.

Long layered bob

This bob is a relaxed version of the hairstyle and a great cut for someone with naturally thin hair. The long length of this bob has an easy going California style to it and projects an easy going image

The Hipster bob

This look is perfect for a cool girl, unique and simple styling. This look is fit for a quirky girl. The lighter ends stops the bob from being too dramatic it helps the cut feel quite modern and the dark bangs provide a unique edge.

Simple and sweet with short bangs

Short bangs are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd in an understated way. They are exceptionally flattering on all face shapes and the perfect compliment to a chin length bob.

Subtle blonde ombre with curved bangs

This is a very strong look that you need lots of confidence to pull off. This looks is a great way to show off your creativity and is perfect if you have naturally straight hair the structured shape looks amazingly sophisticated.

Blonde and tousled

This look just shows how great blonde hair looks in a bob, this versatile length that lightly dusts the shoulders can be recreated with curling tongs and running your fingers through the curls. The bangs here are just slightly out grown giving a really cute shaggy look to it

Edgy black with blunt bangs

This bob is reminiscent of a modern Betty Page, the straight edged style is flattering on all face shape and the strong dark color is an interesting contrast to pale skin. Definitely one to try if you’re ready to make a classy statement.

The A Lister bob

Structured yet shaggy Katie Holmes encapsulates all the best things about the bob. The bob brings out the tones in her rich chocolate coloured hair and the bangs help highlight her stunning cheekbones

Tousled and multi tonal

Proving that the curly bob is not just for formal occasions our model here shows how to pull off a casual curl. Showing off her subtle blonde highlights this super flattering style is great for every girl with a bob

cute short messy bob hairstyle with bangs

Straight sixties style with side swept bangs

With lots of volume and side swept bangs this structured bob is a fresh take on the sixties style. The long front layers and great for slimming down your face and the side swept bangs are a pretty addition to an already stylish cut

The highlighted purple bob

This look illustrates how easy it is to show off your color in bob style. This dreamy purple looks chic and stylish in a loose bob form, the long side bangs are effortlessly chic.

Asymmetrical with thick bangs

This natural colored bob with straight across bangs provides a dynamic twist on the bob, keep it sleek and straight for that perfectly polished look and the bangs trim to make your eyes really stand out

Red bob with bangs

The model here shows us how much a bob and bangs can change your whole look, giving her a youthful and edgy style that shows off a fun personality and really lifts her features.

Long bob with natural waves

This bob shows the versatile of the style and can be dressed up or down. Here the long side sweeping bangs let the bobs style speak for itself and give a great casual weekend style. Also you may love these 70s curtain bangs.

Deconstructed blonde bob

Attractive and distinctive this particular cut is very easy to maintain and lots of short layers really make this an interesting cut with lots of depth and body to it, a great way to add some oomph if you’ve got thin hair.

Blue graduated ombre bob

This cut is definitely a way to stand out from the crowd, the sharp cut lifts your features and the adventurous blue style makes for an interesting change. The subtle change in color is reminiscent of the ombre trend.

The Taylor Swift bob

Taylor Swift is the perfect example of how a bob cut can change your whole look lean into your hairs natural texture and long layers gives you a grown up and sexy look

Taylor Swift short choppy bob hairstyle with bangs

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Textured side swept bob

This bob is a great style for the weekend or casual Friday at work, this tousled look is easy to do and layering your bangs into the look makes for a smooth look.

Tousled asymmetrical bangs

The cut looks complicated but it’s a low maintenance style that looks effortless cool with lots of layers and styling gel to create an artfully messy look and really shows off the color. Definitely perfect for those creative types out there.

Heavy bangs tousled bob

These statement bangs paired with the slightly tousled look creates a sweet bohemian feel to it a, perfect if you have naturally thick hair. Let your exceptional style come alive with this cut.

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22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love22 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Bangs We Love

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