25 Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

balayage short hair

Short hair, long hair, DON’T CARE! Balayage can look FAB on any hair length, but this list is specifically for the gals with shorter haircuts. You’ll love these balayage hair color ideas, from sophisticated and natural to wild and intoxicating,

Wavy Textured Light Brown Balayage Pixie

This graceful pixie is tousled and textured with a delightful wave that creates a very dainty fluidity throughout her lengthy pixie haircut. To add even more depth and dimension to her locks, she tosses in just a few light brown highlights to her deep, rich brunette tresses for an all-natural finish that sweeps with every curl.

Copper Balayage ‘Chick Fade’

Fades aren’t just for men; in fact, they can look ridiculously chic and sexy on women as well. Showcase a bit of your edgy side by indulging in a gorgeous ‘chick fade’, with some loose layers up top. Make these layers a standout feature by placing some subtle copper highlights within your textured cut.

Unicorn Wavy Bob

Forget all natural finishes; if you’re in the mood for something eye-catching and striking, consider the heavily trendy unicorn shade. Unicorn coloring simply means adding in a blend of vibrant, look-at-me colors like turquoise, hot pink, and yellow. Wave them up for tons of body and funk!

Choppy Blond-Red Bob

Putting thick manes on display is as simple as cutting your hair in a choppy, one-length way. She lets her locks curl inwards toward her face to frame her face and show off those features immaculately, but what really makes her choppy bob stand out is that unique and lovely blend of blondes and reds. Such a unique reddish shade that’s sure to steal the eyes of all around you.

Highlighted Boy Cut

Long hair can be a pain, especially during the summer season when long locks tend to overheat your entire body! Effortless, artsy styles are the go-to for gals who don’t want to struggle with styling, and this boy cut is the optimum choice. To add some spice and personality to your boy cut, highlight the tips with some striking light blonde and toss it back, away from the face to really bring out your features.

Summery Waved Balayage Blonde Bob

Bursting with flirty bounce, this summer-toned hairstyle is undoubtedly one of our favorite ‘natural-looking’ balayage hairstyles. She leaves her dark roots peeking out just a tad for that natural appeal, while the ends are covered in a desirable light blonde shade that dazzles in the sunlight. Great option for summer.

Ash Blonde ‘Faux Hawk’ with Fade

Punk rock princess, bad girl from the 50s, or art aficionado? Her hair says a LOT, but it’s still loaded with mystery and plenty of passion. Her lengthy pixie is heavily styled on top for some outrageous intriguing volume, while the sides are buzzed short in a trendy fade that showcases her ‘faux hawk’ up top. Ash blonde is also a great choice, with a pink hue that’s downright lovely.

Grey Balayage Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts don’t have to be boring or mundane. Make everyone JEALOUS of your daring bowl cut by tossing on some white-grey highlights to your mane. It’s the perfect contrast for jet black roots, creating a striking combination that will rock everyone’s worlds.

Wavy Red-Blonde Balayage Bob

This look has ‘fall’ written all over it, with a luxurious and luscious blend of deep red mahogany trickling down to some warm blonde highlights. As far as the cut goes, she opts for a graceful bob that has a sharp angle for plenty of sass, curling ever-so-slightly on the ends for a ravishing effect she can wear virtually anywhere.

Pink-Red Highlighted Pixie

Leaving her hair all one color would be slightly boring and unappealing, and it also wouldn’t highlight the multitude of layers and the precision of this pixie cut. But by throwing some dark pink-red highlights on top of her black mane, she brings this cut to life in a way that’s perky and fun.

Mysterious Electric Blue & White Bob

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that peaks creativity and evokes mystery and passion, this may be just the look for you. Her daring style starts off with electric blue at the roots, leading to a stunning white shade that’s perfectly enhanced with a daring asymmetrical bob haircut.

Blue-Hued Grey Pixie

Keep things classy and sophisticated with a look such as this! Her grey hair is ultra-trendy, and a subtle blue tint ensures it’s a standout from the flurry of grey-haired gals. A lengthy pixie cut tossed to the side is perfect for elongating the face and showing off high cheek bones.

Tousled Sea Foam Green & White Pixie

Yes, yes, and more yes! This rockin’ hairstyle features white locks, highlighted perfect by a sea foam green shade- which of course is one of the trendiest colors for this year. Her striking locks are a great accompaniment for rich, dark makeup colors, for an appearance that really pops.

Deep Blue Highlighted Layered Pixie

There’s no denying the cool amounts of layers in this style, cut into all different shapes and sizes for the ultimate layered effect; but you’d probably never notice if she left her hair all dark! Instead, a few subtle deep blue peek-a-boo highlights hidden underneath her jet black mane ensures we can see all those funky layers bursting with personality.

Curly Brown Balayage Bob

Ah, the sophistication and grace in this hairstyle is simply fascinating. A beauteous blend of natural browns creates a stunning definition that’s subtle yet highly refined. By adding a dash of curls to the ends of her long bob, she creates an elegant look that’s perfectly accompanied by your finest apparel and red pout.

Wildly Colored Balayage Wavy Bob

Unique and quirky colored locks are all the rage right now, but if you don’t want to completely coat your mane in striking hues, then settle for a colorful ombre. The greens and blues found within this ombre pair well with an ash blonde shade at the roots, while plenty of wave action ensures the color play together in a sensuous and beautiful way.

Gray and Lavender Short Pixie

It continues to amaze me just how beautiful a light gray and luscious lavender coloring pair together, with a shocking finish that’s bright and beautiful. On this super edgy and short pixie, it’s an artsy number that’s both sophisticated and enormously on-trend.

Caramely Graduated Bob

There’s a series of ravishing layers and unique cuts found in this super-graduated bob, but they may be missed if you leave your mane one-noted. Bring your locks and layers to life while still showing off a natural appearance by simply sliding in some caramely brown highlights to your dark brunette base.

Gray on Gray Light Curls

Silver is such a mystic and fascinating hue, but to add just a twinge on contrast to your mane, leave some dark gray at the roots. Throw on some texture by adding a little bit of curls to the ends of your locks.

White/Brown Undercut

A disconnected undercut like this is loaded with tons of choppy layers of all different lengths for a really unique and flavorful finish. But to pronounce those awesome chops, make your hair two separate colors. Leave your natural brown on the buzzed parts, while the top contrasts with a striking white hue.

Silver and Indigo Undercut

This rockin’ diva clearly knows how to make her sassy personality shine bright through her locks! Choosing an undercut such as this and leaving her lengthy pieces textured and tousled for ultimate voluminous effect is sassy by itself, but to add an extra heap of saucy personality she chooses a rebellious combo of silver and indigo.

Smoky Pixie

Subtlety is the main goal with this sophisticated hairstyle, a unique and beautiful blend of smoky highlights and lowlights combining to create a very sensual style that’s deeply romantic yet super stylish. With this cut and this depth of color, you can go just about anywhere and look dynamite.

White Bangs

Going lighter around the face is always a great idea, creating a brighter complexion that really brings out your eyes. Leaving the rest of your mane with plenty of color ensures your locks have tons of amazing depth and vibrancy.

Grayed Out Lob

Gray is the main event in the hair world for now, and you can enjoy this style and still rock balayage with ease. Her combination of grays ensures there’s plenty of depth within her grayed out lob, a perfect idea for this year.

Blonde Lob

If your goal is to have natural-looking beauty, then you will certainly enjoy this natural blonde balayage lob. The highlights look as if they were kissed by the sun themselves, and subtly tossing her lobs for that wavy effect gives it a beach feel we can all enjoy. Pair with natural, earthy makeup colors for a very striking yet natural appearance. 

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