Braided Hairstyles Inspired By “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Catching Fire, the latest installment in the Hunger Games series, really is on fire. Not only is it ranking in dough at the box office – but it is also inspiring a raft of bold and creative braided hairstyles! Don’t believe it? Just think about the Everdeen sisters, Prim and Katniss. These popular characters have made intricate braided hairstyles one of the hottest hair trends of the moment.

If you’re ready to try them out for yourself, here are three braided hairstyles inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Prim Everdeen’s Wrap Around Braid

Prim Everdeen’s Wrap Around Braid

One of the most notable hairstyles in Catching Fire was Prim’s Wrap Around Braid. This hairstyle winds a braid from one side all the way down to the other. It is dramatic yet a little bit sweet, so you can wear it just about anywhere! To achieve this style, you’ll need a brush, comb, curling iron, hair elastic, and hairspray.

Start by taking a 1-inch barrel curling iron. Curl the length of your hair, concentrating the majority of the curl on the lower half. Once your hair has been completely curled, create a deep side part on the left. Take a section of hair from the back of the part and separate it into three smaller sections. Begin forming lace braid, adding hair to the side of the braid closest to the part. The braid should be heading downward.

When your braid gets close to the face, start curving it slightly. This will help create that wrap around shape you’re after! As you continue, add in hair from both sides of the braid. You will need to do this until you hit just above the ear. From there, change up your technique and start adding in hair to the top side of the braid instead. Continue your lace braid along the back of your head, making sure it curves toward the left ear.

Once your braid has reached the left ear, braid the remainder tightly and secure with a hair elastic. The rest of your hair should be left down so that it is loosely curled. To finish off this unforgettable braided style, use the Aquage Freezing Spray.

Prim Everdeen’s Bow Braid

Prim Everdeen Bow Braid

If you’ve got some serious braiding skills, then this next Catching Fire hairstyle is right up your alley! You may have noticed Prim’s Bow Braid during the Reaping scene in the latest film. (If you didn’t, be sure to watch closely next time!) It is a great way to make a serious statement with your hair.

To get this look, separate your hair into three sections: two front sections and one back section. Tie the back section with a hair elastic to keep it out of the way. Next, you’ll need to take a small section of hair from the front – but make sure the section is parallel to your part. Since this will be the hair you use to get that fun bow pattern, you can simply pin this section to the side for now.

Taking the right section of hair, French Braid, working back towards the ear. Secure with a hair elastic when you reach the ear and do the same on the left side. Ready for that bow braid? Put a bobby pin directly through the front of your braid. Then, take part of the hair from the section you set aside earlier. Add a small amount of mousse for a little extra hold.

Create a loop shape and push that loop through the bobby pin, pulling gently. Remove the bobby pin and continue this pattern along the right section of hair. This will give you that beautiful bow shape! Once you’ve finished five or six bows, tie the ends of the braided sections together with an elastic. While this is a more advanced braided hairstyle, it looks absolutely gorgeous when it’s finished.

Katniss Everdeen’s Forehead Braids With Loose Curls

Katniss Everdeen  Forehead Braids With Loose Curls

If Prim’s hairstyles are a little too challenging for your skill level, don’t worry! This next braided look is much simpler. Remember when Katniss and Peta attended the Victory Tour in the Capitol? Even if you don’t remember the scene, you are sure to remember Katniss’ incredible hair do. It featured a 7-strand braid with loose, sophisticated curls.

To get the same look (but a little less complex), start by curling your hair. You’ll want lots of volume (try the Brocato Volumizing Tonic Spray for a little extra boost) and big, sexy curls. After your hair is completely curled, take a large section from the front right part of your hair. Flip that section over and start braiding it toward the left. Do the same thing on the other side, taking hair from the left, flipping it over, and braiding it toward the right. (Confused? Think of this as an altered version of a braided crown!)

Once you’ve finished the braided sections, cross them over one another to create those Katniss inspired forehead braids. Pin them into place with bobby pins. Make sure that all of your braids are secure and you’re done! The rest of your hair should be left down so that it looks loose and curly.

Do you love The Hunger Games? Then show off your fan status by wearing one of these unique braided styles. Whichever one you choose, your hair will look hotter than ever.

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