Cool Short Comb Over Hairstyle for Women

Short Comb Over Hairstyle for Women

The pixie-cuts are showing a lot of radical boy-cuts loved by teens and young celebrities! This one is definitely a new take on the short haircut with a very fancy shape created by buzz-cutting a nicely flowing hairline. The lines are clean but curvy, moving down from the temples to make a cute set of side-points, and a crisp line around the ears curving down to a soft fade at the nape of the neck.

Instead of the spikey look this year we are seeing long hair on the top, slightly undercut but styled with wax to have defined, subtly waved strands and a unique new texture. The strong movement starts at the forehead and sweeps back to create a rounded profile that echoes the curve around the ears perfectly!

This style is suitable for thick hair, and it looks best on dark hair colours which give a strong contrast between hair-colour and skin-tone for the closely buzzed outline!


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