Cute Short Pixie Cut for Women

Chic Layered Short Pixie Haircut for Women

Simple easy short cut – Chic boy cut for women with short hair

What better way to show off a tattoo on the nape of your neck, than this short pixie cut with a closely clipped back and a cute point! The crown is also styled in an interesting way with a dab of wax added to make the hair radiate out in a smooth pattern.

Creative short hairstyles with the natural colour lifted to blonde are an excellent choice for thin, straight hair. This short haircut has groovy sliced layers on top with heavily textured tips to give a trendy uneven edge. And the cute curve in the styling softens the line and adds lots of texture, dimension and movement in the hair combed forwards from the crown.

With length on the top, and a long fringe, you can vary the look by adding curls to give more height, braiding the fringe to make a ‘border’ framing the face or waves across the top!

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