Easy Daily Short Haircut – Funky Pixie Cut for Women

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Short pixie cut

Daily short haircut ideas – the funky short straight pixie cut

This successful ‘makeover’ short hairstyle shows how much you can gain by getting your hair ‘out of the way’ and showing your face, your profile and your graceful neck. Although our daily papers are crammed with the buttocks and breasts of celebrities desperate to be noticed, some of us prefer more subtle ways to show our allure!

This is a sporty, youthful short haircut that opens up the model’s face and shows that happy smile and a nicely defined jawline. The ‘before’ photo has quite a heavy fringe, but the ‘after’ pics have a light, feathery fringe with textured tips – drawing attention to her eyes and eyebrows, rather than swamping them!

The sides are cut with slightly choppy layers above a closely-clipped outline showing the darker under-layers of the hair, a softly curved line and neatly cut side-points. There’s some lovely natural volume at the crown above a short, graduated back that’s also cut into a matching centre point just above the nape.

The dark and blonde sections add plenty of texture and accentuate the movement in an easy-style short haircut that can be worn smooth and well-groomed for work or tousled and casual for play-time! This low-fuss pixie cut is easy to maintain with regular trims every 5 weeks, this is really a great hairstyle for summer!

This pixie cut is great for round, oval, heart, and triangular faces, if you’re going to cut your hair shorter this time, why not consider this one? And you can find more pixie cut here on hairstyles weekly.

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