Exposed: Sneaky Secrets Behind Perfect Ad Hair

“Pantene can do THAT for hair?!” “How do these girls get such shiny, bouncy locks?” “Perfect hair is possible through drugstore brand products?!” Answer: Not quite.

They are all questions we’ve wondered and have been naive enough to believe at some point. That the curliest, shiniest, bounciest hair can be achieved through a shampoo and conditioner right off a convenience store’s shelf. But unfortunately, this is just what brands want you to think. It’s a little white lie in advertising that’s meant to reel you in to buying the product: by making the item look perfect.

Leading drugstore hair product brands such as Pantene, Garnier, Herbal Essence, TRESemme, and Aussie have all drawn us in with models flipping their unrealistically thick, shiny, cascading hair all over our tv screens. Have questions about it? We’ve got some answers that these drugstore brands don’t want you to know.

perfect hair

Question 1: How do hair ad models get that unbelievable shine?

Answer: It’s not as easy as lathering shampoo and conditioner on your head! The models’ hair is prepped for about 2-3 hours before the commercial or photo shoots. This prep usually includes gloss treatments, shine serums, and the addition of extensions for length and volume.

The lighting in the shoot also manipulates the look of the hair. When placed properly, the light can reflect perfectly on the hair – giving it a faux glossy sheen.

In print ads, editing and Photoshop can work wonders. Copying ideal strands of hair and pasting them over duller strands can create a perfect head of hair.

Question 2: How do the models get such gorgeous cascading waves?

perfect wavy hairstyles

Exposed: Sneaky Secrets Behind Perfect Ad Hair

Answer: Curling is obviously also done during the hours of prep, but can also be manipulated through editing and photoshop. Another method for models that are required to lay down for the shoot is propping the bottom of the hair up to create a wavy effect. This can also be included in prep time, as stylists can spend a lot of time perfecting the hair while the model is lying down.

Question 3: Is it possible to get hair like this without hours of prep and manipulation?

long straight hairstyle
long straight hairstyle

Answer: You can get as close as possible to these perfected looks by adhering to these tips to keep your hair its healthiest. Healthy hair is the first and most essential step to getting gorgeous hair – and although these brand ads have you thinking they can give you perfect hair, they are a huge no-no for healthy hair maintenance.

Drugstore and generic products may be cheap, but they are also cheap in quality: full of chemicals that strip your hair of essential nutrients. Using quality salon brand products is one of the most vital steps to achieving your best hair, as they are formulated to nourish and protect your hair. Ditch the drugstore brands and browse our online shop for authentic salon products that your stylist gets commission for!

Frustrated with drugstore brands for not giving you the hair they advertise? That’s because it is too good to be true. Healthy hair is perfect hair. Start your journey to healthy hair by switching to beneficial salon brand products. After all, the drugstore brands are lying to you!

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