Feminine Short Layered Pixie Hairstyle for Fine Hair

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Feminine short pixie haircut with side swept bangs for fine hair

Soft blonde highlighting meets lightly razored sides to create a young look that combines asymmetry with femininity. Asymmetric cuts with extra volume on the top and no extra width at the sides really flatter round faces. So even though most of the models we usually see have a lovely bone structure and absolutely no sag beneath their firm chin, you can ‘re-shape’ your not-quite-perfect face with the right short pixie haircut.

Fine hair looks great in short layered hairstyles and the cut can be varied by combing your hair back into a pompadour quiff, to lengthen a round face. Long faces can wear this style, if you make the side points longer and thicker, to add width at the sides. However, the diagonal fringe across the face is good for making round faces look more angular and for trimming off some of the length to balance a long face shape.

Light-brown hair always looks great with some pretty blonde highlighting around the face, whatever shape it is. This is a youthful, natural look which can be worn with curls, spikes or waves added to the length on top.

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