7 Romantic Half-Up Twist Hairstyles Step by Step

22 – Messy high Twist and Pin hairstyle

1. Twist and Pin Chignon

19 – Twist and Pin Chignon

This super-trendy messy up-style is great for evening wear!

The front has an asymmetrical side parting and the smooth long fringe is draped casually over one side of the face.  The side are swept back loosely to cover the ears, but leaving the lobes peeping out and perfect for wearing some fashion statement earrings!

In a fabulous creative contrast, the hair at the back is twisted into three tightly twisted mini-chignons which look like multi-coloured Catherine Wheel fireworks!  The twisted chignons have spiky ends left on show for contemporary urban chic and the hair beneath is roughly tousled and pinned for a very original look at the nape.

The smooth movement at the front is beautifully emphasised by the multi-toned blonde shades and the darker roots show that this style is packed with innovative 21st century style!

2. Plaited Half-Up Hairstyle

20 – Plaited half up hairstyle

This lovely romantic and feminine style is perfect for giving a little extra style to long hair for day or evening wear!

The front has a long asymmetrical fringe which is gently curved over the side tresses pulled down for a relaxed look.  The top hair is plaited on one side to produce a fabulous woven band which is echoed by the side braid underneath.  The other side has only one plait echoing the asymmetrical theme at the front and the three pretty braids are beautifully merged at the back.

The rest of the hair is left to drape casually around the shoulders with just a touch of curved movement adding attractive volume. The super-snazzy mixture of golden highlights with dark roots, adds plenty of trendy edge accentuating the different textures in this innovative new look! If you’re looking for cute girls’ hairstyles, try these styles.

3. Triple Rolled Plait Up-style

21 – Triple rolled plait hairstyle

This is a truly stunning style which will attract lots of positive attention wherever you go, because the high fashion colour shading is just as much a part of this style, as the highly creative design!

The expert highlighting technique has blonde shades which graduate through light brown to end in trendy dark roots which accentuate the different shapes and textures perfectly!

The hair is combed away from the face and sectioned asymmetrically with four sections on one side and just three on the other to add to the casual effect.  At the back, three plaits are rolled up to form a beautiful line of multi-toned braided buns, with a high volume profile.

The braids are untidy, leaving the spiky ends to make a contemporary fashion statement contrasting with the sweeping movement of the curved side tresses. This intricate style is actually quite easy to do at home as an element of untidiness is essential to get the truly trendy Boho look!

4. Messy High Twist and Pin Hairstyle

22 – Messy high Twist and Pin hairstyle

Here’s a great style that’s easy to do at home for a fabulously messy, but sophisticated look!

The sides are swept back and loosely pinned into an off-centre French pleat chignon, leaving plenty of loose ends for a relaxed look.  The top is brushed back at the crown giving a nice touch of height and twisted into a half pinned, half loose swirly top-knot, that’s beautifully accentuated by the clever highlighting technique.

The front has a section of long fringe draped casually over the face and the super-casual image is completed by pulling down wisps of hair at the sides and nape in this trendily under-styled but utterly chic creation!

Just add a pair of fashionable pendant earrings and you’re ready for anything!

5. Multi-Toned Plaited Bun

17 – Plaited bun

No more bad hair days for you!  Here’s a great style you can do yourself in a couple of minutes and you’ll always look hot!

The hair is brushed back and secured just behind the crown, with a strand of hair used to cover the elasticated band adding an extra touch of style!  The long ponytail is plaited into a loose braid and remember, the looser the braid, the more volume you’ll get in the bun. 

Then just roll it up and pin it in place to form a lovely high, textured bun at the back of the head! Pull down some loose strands at the sides and nape and you’re ready to go!

The multi-highlighted hair accentuates the movement and contrasting texture in the hair, with the dark roots creating a touch of contemporary edge!  

6. Side Reverse Braid Hairstyle

23 – Side reverse braid hairstyle

Looking for trendy new ideas for your long hair?  Well, here’s a great new up-style that is perfect for day or evening wear! Centred on asymmetry and contrasts it’s easy to update your look with this original, messy up-style!

Innovation is immediately apparent in the model’s hair which has been creatively highlighted to harmonise a range of golden blonde shades and contrast them with dark roots!

From a side parting at the front, the long golden fringe is smoothly styled to fall over one side of the face ending in a point just below the ear.  Then starting from the other side, the hair is loosely braided in a horizontal French plait above the nape displaying the edgy dark colour underneath.

Following the asymmetric theme, the braid is twisted into a casual swirly knot at the other side of the head just behind the ear.  The high fashion highlighting cleverly accentuates the smooth movement and different textures of this relaxed and imaginative new look!

7. Twist Side Ponytail

24 – Twist side ponytail

Here’s another highly creative and original style for you!  It’s a fabulous look you can wear for work and any other occasion formal or informal.

Asymmetry is a strong trend and this style uses a side parting to give a long sweep of fringe over one side of the face, and a contrasting off-the-face profile on the other side.  To add a touch of casual, messy style the longer part of the fringe is swept around the head to finish in an asymmetrical strand above the loose braiding.

Sections from the temples are gently combed back into a curvy band meeting in an off-centre position at the back.  The hair is loosely woven and secured in two places, producing another attractive section of hair, above the nape.  The side-swept ponytail is fastened with a covered elastic band, with a decorative tress of hair wound around to cover it.

This fantastic and innovative styling is beautifully emphasised by the expert colouring technique which has harmonising shades of blonde and contrasting dark lowlights!

Images: @hairromance

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