Freaky Hairstyles & Colors

Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2014

Futuristic Purple & Turquoise Colour Slicing

This exciting, futuristic cut and colour is an amazing look for anyone who loves to be the centre of attention for their trend-setting style!

The hair is cut with a full, straight fringe at the front and sliced layers that create a lovely round shape and volume at the crown and back.

The individual layers are multi-tinted in a fresh and unique way with the blonde crown sections defined by the rich, purple colour along one side of the ‘slice’.

The layers underneath are dark brown at the roots and dip-dyed with a fabulous contrasting turquoise shade down to the blunt-cut ends.

For originality and freshness, this style is a complete, eye-catching success, introducing a creative new way to highlight and accentuate beautifully layered hair!

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