How Often Should I get a Haircut? Depends on Your Hair Type, Texture, Length

“How often should I get a haircut?” is probably one of the most over-asked, but under-followed hair care questions. For some reason, as much as we want to know the true answer, we allow third-party responses to dictate how often we swing by the salon. The first problem? We just aren’t all hair care experts. The second problem? We have hair with different textures, styles and levels of fragility. Therefore, setting a universal haircut time span is easier said then done.

Wanting to get the facts straight, we went straight to the experts and talked to east coast stylist, Bill Schrlau.

How often should clients visit the salon for a haircut?

Stylists said: “The time of visits depends upon the cut. Haircuts with shorter fringe (bangs) need to visit more often to maintain a clean shape,” said east coast stylist, Bill Schrlau. “Long hair towards the end of seven week begins to get heavy and loses the overall movement in the longer shape.”
Quick answer: Short haircuts with bangs, every 4 to 6 weeks; Medium to long lengths, every 6 to 8 weeks; Men with short cuts, every 3 weeks with the possibility of clean up cuts in between

What about women and men who are trying to grow out their hair?

Stylists said: “The hair will tell you what it needs,” said Schrlau. “If the hair can hold up and looks healthy, great! If not, then you may need to get it cut as often, just not cutting as much.”
Quick answer: Listen to the broken strands of hair sitting in the sink, then decide if it’s time for a dusting.

Additional tips on the grow out phase:

  • Never grow out without first knowing what your end goal is (AKA, make a plan with the help of your stylist!)
  • Minimize your use of heated tools.
  • Transition into a low maintenance style.

Do different hair textures cause a variance in those time spans?

Stylists said: “If you have a cashmere sweater that you wash in a washing machine, you will have to replace it sooner than you would like. So yes, textures and types of hair that are most fragile will need to be cut more often to keep them healthy.,” said Schrlau. “There is no set standard. Expect the estimates above to be lower for you if your hair is fine or has a tight natural curl.”
Quick answer: The most fragile hair texture is “fine hair.” The most fragile type is “tight natural curl.” These require more frequent hair cuts.

What makes a great haircut?

Stylist said: “A great haircut is not measured by what you leave behind on the salon floor, it is the shape left on your head. An important part of a great haircut is being able to create the look easily on your own. As your stylist to work with you to make sure you can re-create the look,” said Schrlau.

You hear that? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of pure hair wisdom.

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