The New Girl: How To Build Your Clientele

Are you the new girl (or guy) in town? Recruiting and retaining your clientele can be a daunting task, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re ready to start taking on new clients,  build your clientele by following these eight simple tips:

1. Get social!

 In today’s world, you simply can’t ignore the benefits of social media, especially Facebook and Instagram for photo sharing and powerful searching via hashtags. When posting on social media, remember to be personable, yet professional. Share discounts, special offers, exclusive deals, before and after photos, tips and tricks, and new product information.  Curious to learn more how social media drives more business? Read these tips to learn how to use Twitter to grow your business.

2. Ask for your clients to review you on Hairstyles Weekly. 

Future clients are searching for you on hairstyles weekly each day. Do you have good reviews and positive recommendations posted online? If not, ask your current clients to help write about their recent experience with you.

3. Create an incentive or referral program. 

Word of mouth marketing is HUGE! Every stylist I’ve ever found has been a recommendation from a friend or family member. Offer your current clients a discount, free product, or discounted service for every referral they send to you. Make sure you track your referrals so you can reward clients that keep bringing you more business.

4. Ask your family and friends to help promote you and your services. 

When thinking of how to build your clientele, make sure you don’t overlook the people closest to you – your friends and family! Ask your loved ones to post about you on social media. On top of giving you positive social mentions, ask them to tell their coworkers about you and pass out your business card (with brings me to my next point…).

5. Always have business cards handy.

 If someone compliments you on your hair at the store, tell them your story and give them your business card. Ask your salon owner about ordering your business cards or design your own. Even better? Feature a special offer (such as a percentage off a service or product) on the back of your card so people don’t toss it out right away.

6. Accept walk-in appointments between certain hours of the day.

 If you know that some days or hours are slower than others, tell the salon owner or manager you’ll gladly take walk-ins.

7. Make friends with strangers. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone out and about and complimented them on their hair. My immediate follow-up question is, “Who’s your stylist?” Don’t be shy and make friends with everyone! This includes your barista at Starbucks, the check-out gal at Target, and the receptionist at your doctor’s office.  You never know when someone is out hunting for a new hairstylist.

8. Offer new clients a deal or discount off their first visit. 

The initial discount will pay off immensely if they keep returning to you or start recommending their family and friends to you.

These simple tips will get you on your way to building a strong portfolio of clients. If you’re a hairstylist with a big client list, what other tips do you seasoned pros have for the new girl in town? Subscribe to get more tips on hairstyles weekly.

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