3 Benefits of Sticking with your Stylist

I spent the last week in Sonoma, California visiting some of the most beautiful wineries in the country, eating at amazing restaurants, and hiking under the historic redwoods. The only problem was that the red on my head was more memorable than the trees. Two days before my trip I decided to try out a new stylist, despite having great success with my previous one. Big mistake.

When I got to the salon everything was going well. The girl seemed really nice and had hair that I could see myself having, which for me is usually a good sign. But as soon as the towel came off my head I knew I was in trouble.

My blonde hair was now a shade of orange/red. In that moment there was nothing I wanted more in the world (other than my old hair back) than to throw myself on the floor and give an Oscar worthy temper tantrum. But I was able to hold back and instead sat in the chair trying to figure out why I could never stick with a good thing.

I have been a habitual chair-hopper for the better part of a decade, amassing at least 25 different stylists. Every time I got a really great cut or perfect shade of color I found myself itching to see if there was an even better stylist out there. After spending this last week dodging photos and listening to an endless barrage of Bozo the Clown jokes, I can safely say that curiosity has finally killed the cat.

hair stylist

For all of my fellow commitment-phobes out there who need some convincing before deciding to settle down, take a look at some of the key benefits to having a serious relationship with your stylist:

1. They Know Your Hair

Obviously, everyone has different hair, but did you know your hair type determines the way your stylist colors it? Where you are on the coarse to fine spectrum tells how long it will take to process color, which makes all the difference between having a brassy disaster or gorgeous golden highlights. Also, knowing all the curls and waves, or lack of curls and waves, are factors in figuring out the very best cut for your hair.

2. Loyalty Counts

I can’t speak from experience (yet) but I have heard that one of the top perks of sticking with a stylist is that you are just as important to him/her as he/she is to you. So when the inevitable day rolls around where a last minute invite to the hottest party comes, your stylist will do everything they can to squeeze you in knowing that your loyalty is the most vital part of making a successful business. Scratch their backs and they will scratch yours!

3. Communication

I find that gabbing with a stylist makes the time in the chair fly by, but for many people the pressure to talk is a huge reason to dread going to the salon. Staying with the same person who meets your preferences for chatting will eliminate spending hours talking when you would rather be reading your favorite trashy magazine. But most importantly, having someone you feel comfortable talking to is the key to perfect hair. If you can’t say exactly what you like or don’t like, they will never get it right.

We want to hear from all of you ex-players out there. What have been the greatest rewards of a monogamous relationship? How has your hair improved? The more motivation to take the plunge the better!

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