Is Your Hair Product Breaking You Out?

I’m in my 20s now… shouldn’t acne be a part of my past? Shouldn’t I be able to stick some product in my hair without worrying about acne flare-ups on my forehead and cheeks not long after?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Our face is one of the MOST sensitive skin areas on our body. We have to take extra care of our skin and that means paying attention to what’s in our favorite hair products. If you’ve experienced some acne around your forehead or parts of your skin that your hair may touch, it’s time to evaluate what’s in your hair products. Today I’ll outline some ingredients that you should avoid if you have sensitive skin.

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1. Say No To Sulfates

Ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are two red flags in particular. Sulfate based ingredients leave a film on your skin that can cause acne flare-ups. Keep an eye out and try to avoid sulfate based ingredients as much as possible.

2. Be On The Lookout For Oils

It’s pretty well-known that oils such as argan, moroccan, coconut, and grapeseed are fantastic for your hair. But what about your skin? Not always the case. Be extra careful when using products that include oil based products. The oil is great for your hair but not so much for your skin. Make sure you put less on the areas that directly touch your face.

3. Swipe Salicylic Acid Wipes For Clear Skin

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 I totally get it. When I noticed that some of my products were more apt to break my skin out I wasn’t crazy about the idea of the cold turkey method on my favorite combos. But there are other solutions! I read a great tip from Self that mentioned swiping the skin near your hairline with a salicylic acid a couple of times a day. This will help prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear.

Have you noticed your hair products breaking you out? If so, what have you done differently?

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