Long Ombre Hair: Straight, Choppy & Dip-Dyed Long Style

Ombre hair 2014

Trendy hairstyles for this year: the ombre hair.

Want a trendy long style for this year’s ‘new look’?  One that’s also casual and super-easy to maintain? Then this cutting-edge dip-dyed hair design is definitely for you!

The hair is trimmed into very long layers, with a carefully graduated, deep V-shaped outline that gives flattering shorter lengths to drape around the neck at the front.  The ends are layered and heavily textured to produce the super-trendy choppy finish at the tips.

From just the last couple of inches at the sides, the fabulous colour design moves seamlessly down the back, from light brown, through mid-blonde and finally to shocking rock-chick blonde at the spiky tips!

Accentuating the contrast between the smooth hair around the head and the edgy textured cutting, the beautifully graduated dip-dye creates exciting, eye-catching urban chic.

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