Lovely Braided Updo Hairstyle: The Braid-Hawk

Braid Hawk Updo Hairstyle for Women

This beautiful up-do hairstyle was loosely braided and left slightly ‘messy’ for a trendy, casual look. The braid is asymmetric with one side forming tighter, smaller links and the other side braided more loosely producing larger links in the pretty chain of hair.

Wispy tresses frame the face in this new and exciting look!

The style is further enhanced by the different shades of blonde used to colour the hair, with brown shades used at the roots. The super colouring technique really adds to the beauty of this sophisticated style enhancing the woven hair with an additional layer of trendy imperfection!

This beautiful braided updo is great for any casual occasion.

Braid Hawk Updo Hairstyle for Women
Braid Hawk Updo Hairstyle for Women /Hair Romance
Braided hairstyles 2013 Braid Hawk
Braided hairstyles: Braid Hawk /Hair Romance
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