Lovely Simple Hairstyle: Long Balayage Swept Back at Forehead: Kourtney’s Hairstyle

Lovely simple easy hair style for women - Kourtney Kardashian hairstyle

Simple easy daily hair style for women

Here’s a lovely, simple style for a fresh look that frames the face with smooth, shiny hair!

Kourtney’s hair is more or less the same length, with a few layers at the ends of her hair, which have textured tips for a tapered finish.  The highlight of the style is the top layer which has been gently swept back to a point behind the crown, where it can be fastened with a plain or pretty hair accessory.

This style is great for showing off a smooth, young forehead and the subtle balayage highlights add texture and accentuate the movement, for a totally up-to-the-minute finishing touch!

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